BSAMPLY, is an innovative startup founded in 2017 in Los Angeles by Andrea Fiume and is successfully pursuing a project to digitize sales processes for all Fashion and Textile professionals. It is a B2B Sales Platform designed to make sales processes easier and faster. From research to purchase. BSAMPLY is a solution that can be integrated with all management systems


The company has its headquarters in Los Angeles and in 2018 it opened the BSAMPLY LAB company dedicated to Research & Development, formed by a technical team of IT engineers and UX/UI designers who work on the continuous development of the project.

The platform offers two versions. The B2B BSAMPLY.COM Sales Platform where suppliers enter in a greater Trade network or the B2B SaaS Sales Platform customized with a Private Cloud for the user.

Through the services offered by the two platform’s version, BSAMPLY provides 5 main functions:

  • A Private Showroom. A personalized space on one’s website, to display their collection online, visible only to their buyers, from where they can request samples and place orders
  • A Public Showroom. A space dedicated to an exclusive network of buyers, where suppliers can give visibility to their company and acquire new customers
  • A Communication System. A tool that allows quick and easy communication between the company, the buyer and the salespeople
  • An Order Management System. A tool that allows the collection of orders during the customer tour, and allows buyers to view the products purchased online and integrate their order
  • A Data Management System. A tool that allows one to analyze the data sales of their company, as well as having access to overall market data, which allow one to create collections more targeted to market needs


The BSAMPLY Integration System guarantees the continuous exchange of information between the company’s management system and the Sales Platform. Company’s and products’ master data, customizations, order flows and information on production, shipping and billing will be easily exchanged and updated.


Silicon Valley’s technological innovation meets industry, tradition and creativity, allowing one to manage sales and purchase processes both online and offline.

Through our platform we want to solve the inefficiencies of mainly offline processes and promote digitalization and digital interconnection between suppliers and customers, significantly reducing time, costs and environmental impacts

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