BSAMPLY- Online sourcing is the present

The internet can be a great resource for buyers and brands if they know where to look, as well as a great way to save money and time. Online sourcing for fabrics goes beyond the traditional way brands and suppliers have learned how to work so far. You never really know when your plans can change and when emergencies will arise. Physical attendance demands from you to travel, spend money and valuable time. This is why a B2B (Business to Business) online platform available only to selected professionals, with the latest supplier’s collections and trends available 24/7, 365 days a year is what the present demands for.


BSAMPLY is an online platform only for professionals completely free for brands that give the possibility to discover new products by digitally accessing new collections of suppliers all around the world 365 days a year and expand your business network. Online sourcing can really make a difference with a buyers time and money spending. BSAMPLY allows the brand to manage their relationships with Raw Material Suppliers and orders easily all in one organized place. It can work as a digital hub that allows for automatic data flow between brands and suppliers keeping every order, sampling order and suppliers list organized while it archives all of the previous actions in order for the brand to build a solid database.


BSAMPLY for suppliers is the perfect tool to empower and connect their business. Every supplier can have a customized b2b sales platform designed for your company’s needs, offering the possibility to manage their entire sales process for a faster, easier and smarter business. Suppliers can use BSAMPLY to connect their entire sales process online and offline, providing better service to their buyers and find new customers in BSAMPLY’s exclusive trade network.


BSAMPLY though is not just an online platform. It’s always updated offering the latest technologies and it offers different extra tools to make everything easier. Two of these tools are the ORDER APP with which the supplier can manage orders digitally in real-time used at tradeshows and by the commercial team in general and the PHOTO APP that helps suppliers create an electronic catalog for all of their products using a photo app to integrate technical pages of products


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