Bsamply Order App: the new digital solution for the textile industry

Bsamply has launched BSAMPLY ORDER APP, the tool that makes the process of sampling simpler and faster, giving suppliers access immediately to their client’s orders. By scanning a QR Code, applied to each product, it is possible to quickly gather and process orders offline. Order data will be shared immediately with their team and clients.

There is no limit on the number of accounts supplier companies can have, giving the opportunity for every sales agent and manager to have their own personal account, that can be customized by region, agent or specific brand.

With our order app, a copy of the order is sent to the supplier immediately. The brand receives a link where they can download the order, including the technical details of the products, photos and price list. Furthermore, the customer has access to other products in the suppliers’ private showroom with the latest product updates and always up to date price lists.


Start the journey of making your Supply Chain and Order Management faster, cheaper and more sustainable. Source materials, connect with factories and sell products, all online, available anywhere anytime.

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