Color Trends Autumn Winter 2021 2022 Preview

Why these colors?


With the irregular weather reports, we will find more summer tones in the winter. The pigments inspired by nature will be a necessity for the color trends of Autumn-Winter. We can sense an air of high drama for 2021/2022, as dramatic colors will be employed to provoke emotions. It will be important to search for what kind of nostalgia can be expressed over your brand colors.


1. Neutral colors


For the season to come, we anticipate the neutral colors to be very commercial . Colors like Golden Harvest (Pantone 14-1036 TCX) and Pecan (Pantone 15-0927) will give a warmer update on beige. These two tones will definitely capitalise from the previous years. Also, grey tones will have a cleaner look for the next season. Colors like Bold Graphite (Pantone 19-3900 TCX), Good Grey (Pantone 15-4008 TCX) and Silver Grey (Pantone 14-6305 TCX) will be accepted as fashion staples and used across diverse mediums. To add a twinkle to winter, colors like Unbleached (Pantone 11-0701 TCX) and Optic White (Pantone 11-4800 TCX) will be key colors to a snowy winter.


2. Winter greens


For the upcoming season, the taste the fresh menthe and the aroma of pine forest is apparent through vibrant green colors. The trend will be to make it as natural and earthy as possible. Dark Spring (Pantone 19-4015 TCX) will be a key color since it will be an alternative to black. The hue of Neo Mint and the natural tone of Green Wonder (Pantone 18-0130 TCX) will especially increase in this branch of apparels and will become an essential tint to have.


3. Shades of pinks


The shades of Electric Magenta (Pantone 19-1860 TCX), Soap Nut (18-1537 TCX) and Putty Pink (Pantone 13-1208 TCX) will create a refined feminine mood. These three colors will return as statement tones for 21/22 A/W, especially the Electric Magenta. The design market is expected to be more open to these tones of pink for the following seasons. In times of darkness, these hues will give a sense of sensitivity, kindness and softness.


4.  Bloodstone


The success of red and brown evolved the perfect color, Bloodstone (Pantone 19-1652 TCX). This color is paired heavenly with many different shades. It will play a darker theme in this dramatical air. Bloodstone will trigger strength and energy when paired with Teal. This tint will be as much used for clothes and accessories as for lifestyle and interiors.


5. Shades of blues


The timeless shades of blue will be relevant for high-end products and will give a perception of luxury. Consumers will be looking for a sense of stability and connection. For this reason, the traditional Atlantic Blue (Pantone 18-4034 TCX) will stay a very commercial hue. In the search for comfort, consumers will also find solidity in Teal (Pantone 19-4526). The A.I. Aqua (Pantone 16-4725 TCX) will still be in the must-have palette for A/W 21/22. The A.I. Aqua will be known as a key colour, that looks like a beautiful clear sea water.

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