Denim Trend Fall Winter 2021 2022 Preview

Denim Trend Fall Winter  2021 2022

The denim trend for Autumn – Winter 21/22 will be about confronting our fear. With the eco-anxiety running around the world, we will be looking for natural tones and designs. You will feel encouraged to mix the new technologies with old design craft. The consumers are slowly adapting to restraint, it will be essential to adopt a minimalist mindset.


1. Patchwork

In the spirit of reducing our environmental print, denim patchwork will be the next big trend. The vintage resale market has increased in the last few years and will continue to grow in popularity amongst consumers. The craft of sewing will focus on patches of different designs, soft harmonious colors, and textured denim. This will be the chance to create a story-telling collection by using upcycled denim and turning it into a new product. Imperfect will be the new perfection.

2. Return of true blue with saturated darks

For Autumn/Winter 21/22 the inky blues will be embraced. It will give casualwear and street looks a cleaner aesthetic. Paring inky blues with a contrast stitching of lighter colors, like unbleached or pecan, will produce a design detail that stands out. The blues that will be in style are Atlantic Blue (Pantone 18-4034 TCX), Vintage Blue (Pantone 18-3918 TCX) and French Navy (Pantone 19-4019 TCX).


3. Shine Shine

The shiny natural reflection of water mixed with the sun will inspire the use of bio-radiance textiles. Sustainable metallics on jean will create an original, imaginative design. Combining jean with metallic fabrics will create hybrid vintage denim. This combination invents a retro sorts-luxe style and futuristic protective casualwear.

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