Denim Trends Spring Summer 2020

The Future of Denim

Denim is looking to change to completely change its traditional representation to something different and outside the box. The industry wants to increase the interaction between design and art when designing contemporary denim. The traditional molds of silhouette and style are being completely broken as fresh ideas are flooding the market, especially with the implementation of gender-neutral jeans. With a hope to penetrate the younger generations in the denim market, designers are throwing away the norm and creating practical yet fluid designs. There is a heavy emphasis on jeans catering too comfort and ease of movement, generally something that is not associated with denim.



Denim is also moving in the direction of being more eco-friendly and sustainable. Brands are paying more attention to the water usage and chemicals used in their denim. By reducing these amounts, brands are pushing for a more environmentally friendly process. There has also been a change toward more sustainable blends. The use of recycled and regenerated materials has greatly increased, in addition to more brands using 100 percent organic cotton. Also, with the rising number of brands using natural dye and bio-sourced fibers, the industry is taking a step in the right direction. 


The Bigger Story

The industry is being pushed towards more interaction between the brands and final consumers. Brands must find a way to give their audience a story about the garments they are producing. Consumers want to know how the clothing is made, what is the process. They want to be able to connect with their garments. This is causing a lot more brands to increase their presence on social media, allowing a way for consumers to connect with them and their garments. Just producing a garment is no longer enough. The focus is now on the story surrounding the garment. 

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