Wrinkle Free

A resistant to wrinkling created through the use of a variety of finishes and treatments.

Wrinkle Recovery

Similar to resiliency. It is the ability of a fabric to bounce back after it has been twisted, wrinkled, or distorted in any way.


A bovine animal, Bos grunniens, native to the high plateaus and mountains of central Asia. The yak is covered the long, coarse guard hairs over a downy undercoat of fibers. The coarse fibers are used locally for carpets, blankets, sweaters, and outerwear. The fine down is similar to cashmere and is used for cloth and yarn.


A continuous strand of textile fibers created when a cluster of individual fibers are twisted together. These long yarns are used to create fabrics, either by knitting or weaving.

Yoke (self)

The entire back of a garment is one piece and has a single yoke superimposed on the outside.

Yoke (Two-pierce)

Two identical pieces of fabric are joined to a shortened back piece to produce the total back.

Yokeless Shirt

The front and backs of a shirt are joined without a yoke facing.


Is a thin kind of cassimeremade (lightweight twilled woolen fabric). The term also refers to a waterproof fabric of wool.


A zigzag is a pattern made up of small corners at variable angles, though constant within the zigzag, tracing a path between two parallel lines; it can be described as both jagged and fairly regular. From the point of view of symmetry, a regular zigzag can be generated from a simple motif like a line segment by repeated application of…


Zipper The physical parts of the zipper are: scoop teeth, chain, lock, pull tape, and slider. Zippers used in industrial clothing are metal or brass. Plastic zippers are used typical apparel garments. Zippers are used as a closure in pants, skirts, and dresses.

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