Balanced Stripes

Balanced Stripes is the design of stripes that are equal in width and spacing, creating so a complete balanced pattern. An example can be considered the classical sailor shirts with horizontal black and white stripes.


Baldrick (in French “Bandelier”) is a sword hanger, usually decorated with exquisite embroidery (often in metal thread) and worn from the right shoulder to the left hip, usually over the waistcoat or earlier bolero style doublet, but under the coat or justacorps. Frequently worn over the coat to show off the embroidery, when the baldric had become very broad and…


Bale is a package of raw cotton prepared for shipping, which was compressed very tightly secured by wires, cords or hoops. Bale is for American cotton, about 500 lbs., for Egyptian, 700 lbs., Brazilian, 250 lbs., and East Indian, 400 lbs.

Bale Breaker

Bale Breaker is a machine used for opening cotton direct from a bale. Layers of compressed cotton are taken from a bale and fed into a machine where the tearing action of two coarse spiked rollers moving in opposite directions, produces a more open mass of tufts.

Bale Dyeing

Bale Dyeing can have two different meanings. First, Bale Dyeing means dyeing loose stock, usually made of synthetic-polymer fiber, in the form of an unpacked bale. Second, in the USA, Bale Dyeing is a low-cost process for dyeing cotton fabric to produce a colored warp and white weft.

Baling Press

Baling Press is a type of machine which compress bolts of cloth into compact bales ready for shipment. Sometimes it can be involved even to waste fabrics. Thanks to its work, transports of raw materials and bolts of fabrics can be moved easier and faster, lowing the costs and the environment impact of the shipping.

Ball Warping

Ball Warping is a method, introduced about 1760, in which a large number of individual strands of yarn of a specified length is winded onto a beam in the form of a loose untwisted rope, employed chiefly when yarn has to be dyed.


The name given to a thick woven nylon that is extremely abrasion resistant and tough. It has a denier of about 2000, and is involved principally in gear, packs and women and menswear apparel for sportswear. It was introduced during Word War II, wore by soldiers, thanks to the great resistance and protection function of garments constructed with Ballistic material.


Bamboo is a natural and sustainable textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass. Bamboo plant grows quickly and does not require the use of herbicides and pesticides to thrive, so they are as natural as they came. However, bamboo fiber is produced through the cellulosic process. Bamboo fabric retains many of the same qualities it has as a plant,…


Band can have different meanings. First, a band could be the kind of cotton belt that drives the spindle of textile machinery. Secondly, it is the part of a garment (almost with rectangular shape), which wraps horizontally the waist. It can connect the lower part (skirt or trousers) and top of a dress or can just finish the upper part…

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