Cuff (two-piece)

A cuff in which two identical pieces of fabric, usually with a lining in between, are joined by a seam along the edge, then turned and sometimes topstitched near the folded edges.


Cuprammonium is a process of producing a type of regenerated rayon fiber. In this process, the wood pulp or cotton liners are dissolved in an ammoniac copper oxide solution. Bemberg rayon is a type of Cuprammonium rayon.


Curing is a baking process with the use of resin finishes, applying heat under carefully controlled conditions to a fabric or the garment, which cause a reaction in the finishing agents and make them work. Crease-retention, water repellency, wrinkle resistance, and durable press are examples of finishes that are cured.

Cut on Cross

Cut on Cross is a fabric that is cut so that the warp runs horizontally across the garment piece.

Cut on Fold

Cut on Fold is a fabric that is doubled, then cut.

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