Herringbone is a variation on the twill weave construction, in which the twill is reversed, or broken, at regular intervals. It produces a zig-zag effect.

High Loft

High loft is a term given to a fiber structure that contains more air then fiber. It is a lofty, low-density material that is used in such applications as fiberfill, insulation, etc.

High Visability Fabrics

High Visability are fabrics that contain fluorescent materials in order to make the wearer visible in dim and dark lights. These fabrics have the ability to reflect on-coming lights, which cause them to glow in the dark. Hollow Fiber Manufactured fiber made with a hollow center.

Hollow Filament Fibers

Hollow Filament are manufactured, continuous filament fibers that have a center void. It has been created through the introduction of air or other gas in the polymer solution, or by melt spinning through specially designed spinnerets during production.


Hopsacking is a popular woolen or worsted suiting fabric made from a 2- and-2 or 3-and-3 basket weave. The hopsack fabric has numerous uses, it can be used for wall coverings, craft projects, table cloths, in the garden to protect plants from the elements, banners, bulletin boards and tote bags.


Houndstooth is a  variation on the twill weave construction in which a broken check effect is produced by a variation in the pattern of interlacing yarns, utilizing at least two different colored yarns.

Hydrophilic Fibers

Hydrophilic Fibers absorb water easily, take longer to dry, and require more ironing.

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