Jacquard is a woven fabric with a geometrical pattern. It’s obtained alternating different yarns through a special loom attached to knitted machines. The result is a fabric with a clear pattern on the front with its negative on the reverse part. Brocade and Damask come from this technique

Jacquard Knit

Jacquard knit is a weft double-knit fabric which use a Jacquard mechanism. This device individually controls groups of needles, creating very complex designs. From Jacquard knits derives Jersey stitch, which is smooth flat face o front, while on back has uniformed texture.


Japonette is a woven canvas weave, usually in silk. It has very thin yarns that makes it light (but not transparent), smooth, translucent and soft. Principally is used for foulards and linings.


Jaspé is a type of woven fabric, characterized by an irregular effect. This peculiarity is obtained twisting 2 or more yarns of different colors that creates different shades on the fabric. Is mostly involved for drapery, upholstery and suiting.


Jersey is a basic stitch used in weft knitting, in which each loop formed in the knit is identical. The jersey stitch is also called the plain, felt, or stockinet stitch.


Jute is a natural bast fiber, chiefly from India. Is used principally for gunny sacks, bags, cordage, and binding threads in carpets and rugs.

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