Kapok is a vegetable fiber found in the seed pods of the Bombocaceae tree, in pluvial forest. Very lightweight with a cotton-like appearance, generally is not spun, because of its thinness; but its buoyancy appeal and resistance to humidity makes it perfect for wadding, pillow’s padding and everyday life jackets.


Knickerbocker is a type of yarn, created dropping small quantities of dyed fibers in two threads (similar or dissimilar) at the spinning or doubler machines.

Knit de Knit

Knit de Knit is a technique that creates textured yarns. At first, yarn is knitted into a tube on a knitting machine; when it’s ready, crimps and loops are fixated through a steam process. The yarn is then unraveled from the fabric and used in crinkled form, peculiarity of this technique.

Knit Fabric

Knit fabric is made from only one set of yarns, all running in the same direction. Sometimes knit fabrics have their yarns running along the length of the fabric, in other cases have their yarns run across the width of the fabric. Knits have the yarns looped together around each other, in order to be held together. Knitting creates ridges…


Knitted is considered the process of fabric construction interlooping  yarn loops with needles. The most essential unit in a knit fabric is the loop. A vertical row of stitches is called a WALE; the horizontal or crosswise row of stitches is COURSE. The number of wales per inch, measured across the fabric depends on the count or size of the…

Knitted Fur

Knitted fur is one of the two types of faux fur (the other is done with a woven process). Knitting is a fast process and requires great amounts of very flexible yarn (such as Polyester). Due to knitting process, knitted fur is very stretchable and versatile; its only problem is proper its stretching capability which is very detrimental and ruin…

Knitting (Circular)

Knitting circular process is a weft knitting process which creates a tubular shape fabric. Threads run continuously all around fabric. Double-knit fabrics are produced on a circular knitting machine equipped with two sets of latch needles located each other at right.

Knitting (Flat or Single)

Knitting (flat or single) is a weft knitting process where the fabric is in flat form. The threads run back and forth across the fabric. Shape can be added in the knitting process by increasing or decreasing the loops or stitches. Full-fashioned garments are made on a flat knitting machine.

Knitting (Raschel)

A versatile warp knitting made in plain and jacquard patterns; the fabrics are coarser than other warp knits. Raschel knitting machines have one or two sets of latch needles and up to thirty sets of guides that enable them to create a wide range of fabrics.

Knitting (Warp)

Knitting (warp) is a type of knitting in which the yarns generally run lengthwise in the fabric. Yarns are prepared as warps on beams. Examples of this type of knitting include tricot, Milanese, and Raschel knitting.

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