Label is a piece of fabric, paper, plastic (or other materials) attached to a garment or an object which gives information about (name, brand etc.).


Lace is a fine open fabric, made looping, twisting, or knitting threads (silk or cotton) in patterns. Principally is used for female garments and hosiery. The term derives from old French las and volgar Latin laqueus, which means “noose”, to ensnare something.


Lamb is the first clip of wool sheered from lambs up to eight months old. The wool is soft, slippery and resilient. It is used in fine grade woolen fabrics.


Lamé is a type of woven fabric, characterized by a very shiny appearance, obtained using metal threads (usually gold or silver) to construct the fabric. Lamé is very delicate and is mostly used for evening dresses and gowns.

Laminated Fabric

Laminated fabric is a fabric composed by joining together 2 or more layers of fabric, through the use of a high-strength reinforcing scrim between two plies of flexible thermoplastic film. It can has a bonded utilizing either foam itself, or some other material, such as adhesives, heat, or chemical bonding agents.. See BONDING.  Laminated fabrics are used in outerwear, automotive, and other…


Lapel is the part of a garment (usually formal jackets or shirts) that is turned back in the top part of front. Lapel is even the folded front of a shirt that is a continuation of the collar.

Lapels (padding)

Padding lapels is the result of attaching a lapel to canvas with several rows of blind stitching in order to keep it resistance and firmness. For example, on a formal jacket’s lapel tailors add padding to maintain curvature of the collar and a perfect fold of the lapel.


Lastex is a type of elastic yarn, consisting of a rubber core surrounded by wool, rayon, silk or cotton threads. It can be stretched one way or more, depending whether elastic thread is used only in the warp, or in both warp and weft, or in a net. Exist many different Lastex fabrics such as batiste lastex, satin lastex, lace lastex,…

Latent Heat

Latent heat is the quantity of heat absorbed or released by a substance undergoing a change of state (for example, ice changing to water or water to steam), at constant temperature and pressure. When a solid material is heated and reaches its melting point, it goes from solid to liquid. During this process the material absorbs a certain amount of…


Latex is a stable white milky emulsion of polymers in a water solution. Is possible to be found in nature, but synthetic latex can be made by chemicals. Latex is even hugely involved in clothing. At the beginning used just for gas masks and worker boots, because of its rubber appearance and resistance, today has been involved even in everyday garments and nightwear, due to…

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