Madras is a lightweight plain weave cotton fabric with a striped, plaid, or checked pattern, originally imported from India. A true madras will bleed when washed. Principal end-uses are men’s and women’s shirts and dresses.


Magnetic-snap is a type of closure where 2 or more snaps are combined in couples in order to close garments, fashion items etc. Magnetic closures should be in different materials as gold, nickel plate, antique brass, gun metal and range in many sizes. Mainly used for purses, handbags, and leather and for all types of bags and accessories. Magnetic closures…


Marled is a yarn produced by combining together two single roving yarns of different colors or shine, into a single yarn. The final result is a yarn that has the appearance of a two-toned candy-cane or mottled effect. Marled or mottled effect yarns are most often used in scarves and sweaters.


Matelassé is a type of fabric coming from luxury world, which can has from medium ’till heavyweight. Its characteristic is its blistered or quilted surface, result from a double cloth construction. Common end-uses are upholstery, draperies, and evening dresses.


Melton is a woven wool very dense and compacted with an heavyweight. Melton end-use is mainly for parts of coats and formal jackets, usually to reinforce the lower back collar of the garment. Because of the fabric, this part of a jacket is often called “Melton”.


Membrane usually is a thin, soft material made from a polymer which is laminated to the fabric to provide properties such as strength, water-proofing or wind-proofing to enhance the fabric’s performance. They are often involved in technical textiles for sportswear, worker suits and garments but even for car seats or other functional objects for industries or everyday life.


Mercerization is a process of treating a cotton yarn or fabric. The fabric or yarn is immersed in a caustic soda solution and later neutralized in acid, causing a permanent swelling of the fiber. The result is an increased luster on the surface of the fabric, an increased affinity for dyes, and increased strength.


Merino-wool is a very prestigious type of wool that originates from pure-bred Merino sheep. Is maybe the finest and softest wool of any sheep, with a very soft and smooth touch, which makes this material perfect for garments and accessories too. The best Merino-wool is produced in Italy.


Mesh is a type of fabric characterized by its net-like open appearance, and presence of spaces between yarns. Mesh is available in a dense variety of constructions such as wovens, knits, laces, or crocheted fabrics.


Metallic is an inorganic fiber made from minerals and metals, blended and extruded to form fibers. The fiber is formed from a flat ribbon of metal, coated with a protective layer of plastic, which reduces tarnishing. The metal used in apparel fabric is purely aesthetic.

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