Micro-Encapsulation is a method which consists in the enclosure of polymer additive materials in microscopic capsules, that can then be released under certain conditions to enhance performance properties to a specific component.


Microclimate is the temperature and humidity which exists in the space between body skin and the base layer of a garment. Due to Microclimate is possible to understand the breath-ability and comfort of a cloth on a person.


Microdeniers is the technology which develops and creates Microfibers (fibers that has a weight inferior to 1.0 denier). Is a technique very important in spinning man-made fibers process, where continuous filament fibers emerge from a spinnerette less than 1 denier per filament in weight.  To have a scale of comparison, a human hair is generally 2 to 4 deniers per…


Microfibers/Microdeniers are names given to ultra-fine manufactured fibers and to the technology of developing these fibers. Fibers made using microfiber technology, produce fibers which weigh less than 1.0 denier. The fabrics made from these extra-fine fibers provide a superior hand, a gentle drape, and incredible softness. Comparatively, microfibers are 2 times thinner than silk, 3 times than cotton, 8 times…


Microfleece is an anti-pilling fabric with a velvet touch, characterized by a high capacity of warmth maintaining a lightweight. Made of knitted micro-fibers that are brushed less than a regular fleece garment, Microfleece is very soft on body and basically done for luxury clothing.


Micron is the unit of measure which describes the average staple fiber diameter in an amount of wool and is determined by the actual measurement when the wool lots are tested for sale during wool processing. Most wool fibers range in the area of 18-40 micron. Merino wool falls into the 18-24 micron range. The 25-32 micron, medium range wool,…


Microporous are microscopic pores placed on a fabric coating in order to give it breath-ability. Their size is smaller than water drop and larger than vapor, so it can hold out liquid and blood penetration. Furthermore, the non-woven side offers soft feeling to skin and provides a great wearing experience.

Middle Weight

Middle Weight is a weave (usually in wool) that is tighter than lightweight, which combines warmth and wick-ability of a fiber, dispersing humidity through the passing by the surface of the fabric. Perfect to be used in coats, outerwear, accessories and everything should protect body from humidity being warmth at the same time.


Millerighe is an Italian world (which literally means “thousands-stripes) that describes a fabric (cotton, wool, silk) having many thin stripes. Is obtained by the loom, alternating 2 or more different yarns on weave and weft which create the effect of many horizontal and vertical lines on a fabric.

Mineral Dyes

Mineral dye is an ancient dye technique, completely natural, made from mineral material which confers a peculiar coloration to a fabric or a cloth. Examples of colors obtained through this technique such as ocher, limestone, manganese, cinnabar, azurite, and malachite.

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