Nainsook is a type of cotton fabric, very lightweight with a plain weave that makes it similar to a canvas or muslin. Due to its soft hand and luster, is very delicate on the skin and commonly end-used to do infants’ wear, blouses and lingerie.

Nano Fiber

Nano fibers is a fiber or material with a diameter which is few nano-meters (usually, around 1 billionth of a meter or 1 x 10-8 cm). 150,000 strands of a nano-fiber can fit across a human hair. Nano fibers can improve a lot filtration efficiency on a coat.

Nano Technology

Nano technology is a complex technology that involves nano-size materials and combines science such as biology, chemistry and physics, and engineering. It has a lot of applications in industries. Examples should be in cosmetics, nano engineering, clothing with nano fabrics, medicine too.


Nap is the raised fuzzy, fur-like touch created on certain fabrics when fiber ends extend from the basic fabric structure to the fabric surface. The fabric can be napped on either one or both sides. Nap can refer even to other surfaces that look like the surface of a napped cloth, such as the surface of a felt or beaver hat.


See “Nap”. Nappa is even a type of leather noted for its soft feel. It is a generic term in the leather field and has no distinct test for characterization. Among other uses, this leather is often used in products such as furniture, clothing, handbags, and shoes.


Napping is the raising of fibers on the face of the goods by means of teasels or rollers covered with card clothing (steel wires) that are about one inch in height. Action by either method raises the protruding fibers and causes the finished fabric to provide greater warmth to the wearer, makes the cloth more compact, causes the fabric to…


Nattè (from french word “Nattè” which means “plaited” or “braided”) is a fabric that has the appearance of basket weave with interwoven yarns. However, instead of being a plain weave, the fabric is made using dobby loom control, and the open-work of the yarns is held more firmly than a basket weave.

Natural Dyes

Natural dyes is the generic name given to all that dyes obtained from natural sources, such as mineral, vegetable or animal. The most common colors done with this techniques include Indigo, Cochineal, Lac, Logwood, Madder, Munjeet, Catechu, Brazilwood, Osage Orange, Fustic, Weld, Tannin, and Quercitron.


Natural-Fiber are type of fibers which came out from natural elements, and are normally comprised of cellulose. Natural-fibers include the following: Bamboo, Coir, Cotton, Flax, Hemp, Jute, Kenaf, Linen, Manila, Pina, Raffia, Ramie, and Sisal. They can be used as a component of composite materials, where the orientation of fibers impacts the properties.

Net 1

Net is an open mesh fabric of rayon, nylon, cotton, or silk; made in a variety of geometric-shaped meshes of different sizes and weights, matched to various end-uses. The net is made by knotting the intersections of thread or cord to form the mesh.

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