Off Pressing

Off pressing, is the pressing action which is done on a garment after it is completely sewn, in order to fix all the seams open, remove pleats or creases, and to give to the garment a well-finished look. After, can be add other finishing (manually or by machine too).

Olefin (polyolefin/polypropylene)

Olefin is a manufactured fiber characterized by its lightweight, high strength, and abrasion resistance. Olefin is also good at transporting moisture, creating a wicking action. End-uses include active-wear apparel, rope, indoor-outdoor carpets, lawn furniture, and upholstery.

Open Shoulder Construction

Open Shoulder Construction is a method used on coats and high tailoring outerwear, which add lots of prestige to the garment. Open shoulder construction is basically characterized by series of little and precise seams hand-sewn around inner lining in order to attach it to shoulder.


Organdy is a stiffened, sheer, lightweight plain weave cotton fabric, with a medium to high yarn count. Because of its very gentle hand, and softness on the skin its principal end-uses include blouses, dresses, curtains and draperies.

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is a type of cotton that is grown without pesticides from plants that are not genetically modified using crop rotation and biological pest control instead of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Thanks to its natural way of being treated, is often used to create sustainable garments.

Organic Linen

Organic Linen is an extremely durable sustainable fiber that is made from the flax plant of linen and grown without herbicides or pesticides. Due to this characteristic organic linen is often use to create sustainable garments and general clothing.


Organza is a very crisp and sheer fabric, with a lightweight plain weave that can has from a medium to high yarn count. Usually Organza is made of silk, rayon, nylon, or polyester. Primarily is involved for evening and wedding apparel for women.


Osnaburg is a tough medium to heavyweight coarsely woven plain weave fabric, usually made of a cotton or cotton/poly blend. Lower grades of the unfinished fabric are used for such industrial purposes as bags, sacks, pipe coverings. Higher grades of finished osnaburg can be found in mattress ticking, slipcovers, workwear, and apparel.


Ottoman is a tightly woven plain weave ribbed fabric with a hard slightly lustered surface. The ribbed effect is created by weaving a finer silk or manufactured warp yarn with a heavier filler yarn, usually made of cotton, wool, or waste yarn. In the construction, the heavier filler yarn is completely covered by the warp yarn, thus creating the ribbed…


Outseam is the distance from the bottom of the trouser leg to the top of the pant at the waist. The measurement is taken along the outside leg seam that joins the front and back leg panels and includes the width of the waistband.

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