Paillettes are flat beads used for decorative purposes. In earlier centuries, were made from shiny metals. Today, are most often made from plastic and are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Paillettes are commonly used on clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes and lots of other accessories. Paillettes themselves are commonly very large and flat. Sequins may be stitched…


Paisley is a distinctive intricate pattern representing boteh, a very particular curved feather typical of Asia which inspired a typical Indian pine-cone design. The tear-drop shape pattern which came out from this pattern is considered a very fancy prints and primary use in dresses, inner linings, blouses, men’s ties and even in nightwear.

Panné Velvet

Panné Velvet is a type of velvet, very lustrous, characterized by a lightweight, usually made of silk or a manufactured fiber, in which the pile has been flattened in one direction. Its end-uses are very various: from garments (such as nightwear, formal dresses for women) ’till furniture (pillows, chair padding etc.)


Panno is an Italian word ( from the Latin “pannus”, cloth, piece of cloth) which describe traditionally a woolen fabric that is follated (felted) to make it waterproof and then brushed to obtain a hairy side. Dyed, printed or in its original form is principally involved for outerwear, coats, jackets etc.

Parachute Fabric

Parachute Fabric is a technical fabric, which is a compactly woven, lightweight comparable with airplane cloth. It is made of silk, nylon, rayon, cotton, or polyester and is involved principally for parachutes. Very resistant to air, thermal shock and abrasions.


Patch is every kind of cloth, fabric, cut in a certain way or in a certain shape stitched on a garment in order to cover holes, abrasions or general “ugly” parts of the fabric. Sometimes it could be used even just for an aesthetic way. Patches can be done basically with all fabrics.


Patent leather is a type of leather or eco-leather, characterized by a specific process with lacquer done on its surface which give it a hard glossy surface, making it similar to a kind of rubber. Due to its appearance, was involved primary for fetish garments than to outerwear and other everyday-life apparel.


Pearl is a hard, lustrous spherical mass, typically white or bluish-grey, formed within the shell of a pearl oyster or other bivalve mollusks and highly prized as a gem. In the XVI century was largely involved in necklaces or embroideries for high classes garments, and still maintain this privilege due to its high cost and difficult way to be collected.

Peau de Soie

Peau de Soie describes a heavy twill weave satin fabric, which drapes a lot, made of silk or a manufactured fiber, and used for bridal gowns and evening-wear. This type of silk was woven in a variation of the satin weave, with bindings arranged to create fine cross-ridges across the fabric. Was introduced in France in late 1700.


Pelle-Ovo is a cotton fabric in a medium-weight, made by very fine and compact type of fabric with a smooth coat. Made with very thin yarns of combed cotton, is deal for making bed linen, pillows and furniture’s items for houses.

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