Ramie fibre is white and lustrous and looks like silk, but it lacks stretch and elasticity. Extremely absorbent, much more than cotton, ramie fabric breathes well and makes comfortable clothing for warm and humid summers. Ramie is one of the strongest natural fibres and it is strong even when wet. Like linen, it will break if folded repeatedly in the…

Raschel Knit

In knitting. Raschel knits have a lacelike, open construction, with a heavy, textured yarn held in place by a much finer yarn. Raschels can be made in a variety of types, ranging from fragile to coarse, and usually have limited stretch. The fabric may be of either high or low lustre. If the crepe effect is the right side of the fabric, the…


A manufactured fibre composed of regenerated cellulose in which substituents have replaced no more than 15% of the hydrogens of the hydroxyl groups (Federal Trade Commission definition). Rayon was the first major commercial synthetic fibre. There are three primary fibre production methods for rayon. The first, developed in 1890, was the cuprammonium process (see cupro fibre). The second, and the…

Reflective Insulation Technology

All materials emit energy by thermal radiation as a result of their temperature. The amount of energy or radiant heat reflected depends on the surface temperature. The higher the surface temperature is, the greater the reflection will be. Reflective Insulation Technology has been used by NASA since the earliest satellites and continues to be used today as the primary space…


The ability of a fabric to resist such things as wetting and staining by water, stains, soil, etc. Repellency can also be a substance or treatment for making a piece of fabric or surface impervious or resistant to something else.

Reprocessed Wool

Reprocessed wool is wool that was made into fabric or felted but never used by the consumer market. An example would be the trimmings from wool fabric when coats are being made is reused to make fabric. Those trimmings are reprocessed wool.


The ability of a fiber to spring back to its natural position after folding or creasing. Loft is related to resiliency; it is the ability to return to original thickness after being compressed. Loft is also known as compressional resiliency.


The name commonly applied to synthetic chemical compounds polymerized on the fabric or yarn to give durable properties, crush resistance, and dimensional stability.

Resin Treated

A finishing process involving the application of synthetic, chemical compounds on fabrics to provide wrinkle-resistance, wear-and-wash features, and durability.

Rib 1×1

A type of fabric construction commonly used for sleeve and neck bands that is highly elastic and retains its shape. 1×1 rib knit construction is a pattern of one rib, one flat space, one rib, one flat space, etc. Both sides of this knit fabric look identical.

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