Footwear Trend Report Fall Winter 2021 2022

Footwear Trend Report Autumn-Winter 2021/2022


For the next autumn/winter collection, there are a few aspects you will have to keep in mind to satisfy your consumers.  First, they will be looking for comfort. This means that shoes will need to have multi-purposes. The characteristics consumers will be looking for are comfort, style, elegance and versatility. Second, it must have some tech-utility. Meaning that you could consider metallic textures, repurposed fabrics, protective materials and recycled plastics for a futuristic design. Third, it must have a reconstructed appearance. Your footwear collection must have technical advances, untraditional details and a focus on craft modernity.
Below you will find styles and materials that will be useful for your next collection:


If we base our self on the ethic of using sustainable alternatives, recycling will be one of them. Therefore, patchwork will most certainly make his come back from the 70’ for the footwear trend of 21/22. It will be very appealing for all the eco-conscious consumers. To implement this technique; you will repurpose waste materials and excess stock from previous seasons.


Black and white animal-prints

Concentrate on monochrome to create your animal prints. To do so, you will have to use responsible leather or non-leather alternative. As a result, your product will definitely look more appealing to the millennial and Generation Z clients who care about combating climate change. You could choose prints like cow, zebra or appaloosa spots (Smaller black and white dots that can be more commercial). This sophisticated impression is relevant for women’s and men’s footwear, bags and belts.



If we base our self on the ethic of using sustainable alternatives, recycling will be one of them.  As a result, when you think about a material that provides multi-function and infinite time quality, opt for rubber. This trend can be worn for casual and formal footwear. To sophisticate your items, add water-resistant properties.



For Autumn/Winter 21/22 nostalgic textiles and heritage details make their come back. Velvet with a shiny finish will create an impression of royalty and luxury. If you would like to use a sustainable alternative; the solution is recycled PET yarns (Polyethylene Terephthalate) or velvet made from 100% organic cotton.


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