Interior Design Trends Spring Summer 2020

Interior design trends ss2020 bsamply

Interior Design Textile Trends

Interior design trends are constantly evolving and changing from year to year. With must-have homeware items becoming more accessible, the latest interior design influences are huge in the upcoming season.

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is making a huge appearance in interior design this season. The color is extremely versatile, being able to be paired with dark and light colors. This deep yellow is softer on the eyes than a bright yellow, however, it still gives a perfect pop of color. It provides homeowners with a warm aura in the summer months and a lasting cozy and comfortable feel in the winter.  While it is known for its retro and modern appeal, muted tones often work very well in contemporary or classic settings. 

mustard yellow interior design bsamply


Velvet has been around for a few years and it is continually being a major player in interior design. Being an extremely versatile fabric, it can be used for carpets, curtains, and upholstery. It can also be used for furnishing accessories, such as wallpaper and carpet. Velvet is known for having a luxurious look and feel. It provides a room with visual comfort and softens the overall look. Not only is it stylish it is also extremely soft and comfortable. The upkeep of velvet can be quite tedious since it tends to attract dust. However, there are many variations that now allow for waterproof fabric.

velvet interior design


Beige is now the new gray. There has been a huge movement returning towards brown based tones and warm woody neutrals, as many people are stepping away from gray tones. Beige has recently become the new foundation color in interior design, replacing the cooler gray and white tones with the warmer beiges. It brings both warmth and comfort to an interior space. 

beige interior design trend bsamplyOther Interior Design Trends

Other trends that are also popular in interior design are tropical and ethnic prints. These are being used not only on pillows and textile arts but also on upholstery and sofas. Dark greens are also gaining in popularity. Bringing a richness and connection to nature, dark green is being used not only in decorations but as complete furniture pieces. Lastly, we have corduroy. While sharing many characteristics with velvet, corduroy is slowing gaining popularity in interior spaces. 

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