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We are glad to offer now LAMPO BY LANFRANCHI’S excellence on our platform Bsamply.com. Fashion brands will be able to sample and source online worldwide easily and fast.

Lanfranchi is aware that not all designers can travel to find their fabrics and materials. They are conscious of the fact that changes and emergencies can emerge at any moment in the world. This is why they decided to partner with Bsamply. It is an innovative strategy that can give anyone the chance to source through Lanfranchi’s customized B2B sales platform. Buyers also have the opportunity to be informed about product choices on the Bsamply news. Lampo by Lanfranchi realized that this technology would suit the need of their customers; simple, intuitive, convenient and fast.

Who is Lampo by Lanfranchi?

Giovanni Lanfranchi S.p.A. is a constantly growing firm that was founded in 1887. Their company specifically concentrates on zippers. Due to their modern production system, continuous quality tests and constant research for new technological solutions, Lanfranchi has grown into a trustworthy company. Not only do they produce quality zippers, but they have also been certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 in class 1 for over 20 years and they signed the DETOX commitment promoted by Greenpeace in its beginnings. Which stands for customer confidence and high product safety. Lampo by Lanfranchi implement the strictest standards while using ecological materials and recycling methods. As well as producing green products, their entire company and production cycle is oriented to reduce waste. Lanfranchi is aware that there is no better advertising than satisfying the customers. With this way of thinking, they have become a leading firm with their impeccable service, their optimized manufacturing process, and their effective sales strategy.


Zippers Catalog Preview on Bsamply.com



The design of these zippers enhance the quality of the most glamorous garments; it’s a must for high-quality dresses. The carefully chosen materials, the unparalleled smoothness, and the high-quality finish satisfy both the look and the touch. The dimensions of the Superlampo Classic are between 3 to 10mm and the one of the Superlampo Tank is between 4.5 to 14mm. You also have the choice to decide between many types of finishing and special tapes.


This design will perfectly fit for casual garments and jackets, but it can also suit for knitted and classic apparel. This fashionable product is made of stainless steel 18/8 chain that improves the range of uses. For the metal zipper, you can choose dimensions between 3 to 8mm. You can also decide between many different finishing like Nickel silver, Brass, Inox eco, Red copper eco and many more. Moreover, different styles of jeans, cotton and special tapes are available.


This lightweight zip is open to the evolution of creativity. The molded zipper is a glamorous and quality product recommended for easy and smart garments. This brilliant and cool zipper shaped with exclusive Lampo Glass made of special material. The molded zipper is offered in three dimensions; 4mm, 6mm, and 9mm. Furthermore, you can decide between a metalized or a D0 glass chain. Once more, you have the choice of many special tapes.


They offer a complete range of coil zippers that can partner with trendy and soft fabric garments. This kind of zipper can set the trend without compromising its reliability. The coil zipper is offered in dimensions starting from 4 to 8.5mm. There are also up to eleven different choices of metalized chains. Additionally, special tapes are offered in contrasting colors.


Lanfranchi offers diverse sorts of sliders. Such as Pullers, Click 2.0, Specials (leather, rubber, plastic, etc.), Taggie, Deluxe, and Tailor Made.


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