Leather Trends Fall Winter 2021 2022

Leather Trends Fall Winter 2021 2022

Climate change has been affecting society, creating fear and anxiety. The consumers will be searching for hope and restoration through clean, sustainable products. Interests in innovative technologies like a vegan (cactus, mushroom, apple, grape and pineapple leather) or recycled leather will lead this movement.  Eco-friendlier and more sustainable materials will have greater appeal to newer generations. Most shoppers will try to make a change in their consumption. Therefore, it will be important to keep in mind that there is a growing focus on quality over quantity.


1. Exotic leather prints

For women and men ready-to-wear and accessories, the reptile skin leather will be one of the considerable trends for Autumn-Winter 2021/2020. This print will mostly be used for bags, belts, shoes, jackets and even furniture. For this trend, we will be looking for natural colours of a crocodile or snake. In this era of technology, digital, neon exotic patterns are sought after. With this kind of print, you will want to create a piece that the consumer will consider unique.


2. Glossy leather

In reaction to increased political and cultural tensions around the world, consumers will look for “all out” expression for Autumn-Winter 21/22. Customers will be looking for extravagant designs. Consequently, the motto will be “more is more” instead of opting for “less is more”.  One and all will be using a smooth waxy finish on the leather to give a more futuristic look. We will find this opulence in footwear, ready-to-wear and accessories. As a result, when you think about this particular extremely lustrous finish trend, have in mind glossy trousers, metallic jackets and liquid leather coats.


3. Colorful leather

We will definitely put an emphasis on the pastel colours for the next season. In this tumultuous period, the consumers will be seeking for comfort and a little bit of joy in their nostalgia. The pastel colours that will be on the spotlight for Autumn/Winter 21/22 will be Pastel blue (Pantone 12-4607 TPX), Cabbage (Pantone 13-5714 TPX), Lavender Fog (13-3820 TCX), Puristic Lilac (Pantone 14-3905 TCX), Putty Pink (Pantone 13-1208 TCX) Buff Orange (14-1128 TCX) and Lemon Verbena (12-0742 TCX). We will focus on colours that have a greyish undertone that will bring a more versatile touch.





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