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Launched in Paris in September 2019 the Marzotto Lab and Bsamply partnership kick-starts a digital transformation in the textile industry that will change the entire life cycle of fashion and design products. From conception and design to production and sales, the supply-chain process can be digitalized for a more efficient business.

The technological innovation of the Silicon Valley meets tradition and creativity, allowing brands, suppliers, garment makers, and retailers to manage order processes both online, via bsamply.com, and offline using an app that digitizes traditional orders. Through our platform we want to solve the inefficiencies of a sector characterized mainly by offline processes and help the digitalization and digital interconnection between suppliers and customers, significantly reducing timing, costs and environmental impact.

Luca Vignaga Marzotto Lab CEO and Andrea Fiume Bsamply Founder & CEO

Luca Vignaga Marzotto Lab CEO and Andrea Fiume Bsamply Founder & CEO


Now find available online on bsamply.com Redaelli Vellutti‘s entire catalog for existing clients to have easy access to, and for new clients to discover. Redaelli Velluti now manages their order processes both online and offline through the digitalization and digital interconnection offered by the Bsamply platform, significantly reducing time, costs and environmental impact.

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Bsamply Order App at work for Redaelli Velluti


Preview of Redaelli Velluti’s Fall Winter 2020 2021 Collection


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