Meet Our Supplier: Cardiff Cashmere

We are very proud to have Cardiff Cashmere on Bsamply platform. This sustainable high-quality company is best for brands that want their products to last longer and feel luxurious.  By collaborating with Cardiff Cashmere you can help save the earth for the next generations. You will get access to 100% Italian, natural silk, and cashmere for your knitwear products. With a vast variety of cashmere products and great customer service, Cardiff Cashmere is one of the best yarn suppliers that Bsamply is offering.

Who is Cardiff Cashmere?

Cardiff Cashmere is a family-owned company specialized in the production of high-quality cashmere yarns. These high-quality yarns are best for knitwear and handknitting for the luxury sector. The noble fiber of cashmere inspired the birth and development of Cardiff’s business that started in the 1980s by a family of entrepreneurs from Biella. They realized that cashmere was the maximum expression of quality and prestige in textile production.

Cardiff started out as a knitting-yearns company and is successfully presenting itself in the luxury clothing market, and standing out immediately for its unmistakable style of yarns and colors. At the beginning of the 1990s, they launched the new collection of knitting yarns, still rigorously in cashmere, with the aim of meeting even the most refined needs of handmade knitwear enthusiasts.

Over the years Cardiff Cashmere philosophy has always been based on a number of essential principles:

  • The exclusive specialization in cashmere, by dedicating every resource and means to its finishing
  • The research for quality in every step of the production, from the choice of the best fibers to its accurate processing
  • Colors trends research as the essential element in order to enhance cashmere according to seasonal requests
  • The stock service guarantees prompt delivery to the customers.


Since always Cardiff Cashmere has considered sustainability as a main part of its entire activity. In fact, it has never lost its responsibility for the people, for the Planet, and in particular for its territory, in all production phases. In Cardiff Cashmere, they select raw materials very carefully to guarantee the correct animals’ treatment in their farms.

All the process transformations are carried out in the Biella textile district, allowing to keep intact a centuries-old tradition and the sustenance of dozens of families operating in this area. This strong bond means that every product follows a more artisanal rather than industrial logic. This will give each yarn its own soul and identity. These processes allow a lower impact in terms of environmental pollution and a reduction in waste and resources used. Thus this process is in total contrast with the fast-fashion logic. For Cardiff Cashmere, sustainability means allowing future generations to grow and live in a better world while keeping intact the traditions that bind us to our past.

Cardiff Cashmere Collection

Cardiff yarns, both on cones for knitwear business or in balls for hand-knitting creations, are known to be superior quality yarns, due to their handcraft sign and to the long-lasting wool tradition and experience in treating textile fibers connected to the textile district of Biella, the city where Cardiff is from.

The collection in Cardiff Cashmere’s company is based on the super classic Kashmir 2/28, an icon in the company and landmark for knitwear manufacturing. Amazingly this fantastic woolen yarn is available in more than 100 colors of in-stock service.

The Silka 2/56: a blended worsted yarn composed of cashmere softness and silk shine: ideal for summer luxury knitwear.

The collection is complete by a selection of bouclè and brushed yarns in pure or blended cashmere, supreme for the creation of superb knitwear lines


  • KASHMIR 2/28 (100% cashmere / woolen)
  • SILKA 2/56 (70% cashmere | 30% silk / worsted)
  • BRUSHMERE 1/1800 (100% cashmere / brushed)
  • BRUSHLIGHT 1/1550 (82% cashmere 18% silk / brushed)
  • CURLY 1/1800 (100% cashmere / bouclé)
  • CURLIGHT 1/1550 (82% cashmere 18% silk / bouclé)
  • CASH 2/56 (100% cashmere / worsted)

Cardiff COLORS

Cardiff collection is made of a vast range of classic colors. Every year they will enrich the collection with new shades inspired by international trends.


Cardiff Cashmere’s yarns are 40mm long. This is the longest yarn you can find in nature. Being long gives yarns the most resistance to pilling and to high dimensional stability, even after several washes.


Cardiff Cashmere company produces all noble yarns in Biella, the industrial district at the pinnacle of textile excellence where technology and tradition combine to obtain the maximum efficiency in productivity.


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