Meet Our Suppliers: Organic Cotton Colours

We are thrilled to announce the newest sustainable addition to the BSAMPLY platform, Organic Cotton Colours. Discover the latest in high-quality and eco-friendly fiber and textile innovations, or list your own on our exclusive business-to-business platform. Showcase your products using our unique virtual showrooms, or browse the showrooms of our suppliers to conduct business without the need to travel. Additionally, users can set up appointments, send messages, and video chat with clients. Embrace the future of the fashion industry with BSAMPLY’s seamless, all-in-one solution that digitizes otherwise offline business processes. 

Who is Organic Cotton Colours?

For 30 years, Organic Cotton Colours creates organic cotton fabrics naturally coloured with the tones that grow from the seed; ecru, brown and green. They are created without dyes or chemical treatments, ensuring the purity of the fabrics. Their cultivation is carried out through regenerative agriculture practices where crops of up to 5 foods coexist with organic cotton, thus generating naturally nutrient-rich soil.

Organic Cotton Colours makes naturally colorful organic cotton available to designers and brands. Their specialties include varieties forgotten for decades by the Industrial Revolution and the need to intensively produce ecru cotton. All of their fabrics have the OCCGuarantee certification. This warrant accompanies each order and ensures that the customer is ordering a fabric made considering biodynamic farming methods. This ensures the work rights of those who work the land and thinking about the health and welfare of those who decide to take our fabrics on their skins.

Ethics & Sustainability

By ensuring the chain of custody in all Organic Cotton Colours fabric production, they control where and how OCCGuarantee® cotton is transformed from the field to the final fabric. This helps confirm the degree of sustainability and ethics implicit in their production processes. Organic Cotton Colours offers this valuable information to brands so that they can move this information to their customers. Additionally, this supplier signs annual contracts with farmers, ensuring economic stability to all OCCProject member families in Brazil. The goal of this effort is to gradually and steadily increase the number of families that are part of the project year after year. 10% of the value OCC pays annually for cotton is reinvested in improvements in the production system within the community. In 2021, the brand went from 250 families affiliated to the project last year to more than 400 farming families.

Organic Cotton Colours offers 40 references of in-stock fabric, as well as the creation of any fabric (knitted, woven, towel, or tricot) from a sample. They supply OCCGuarantee labels to the brands and designers that choose their materials. These cardboard labels are designed to be part of the packaging of the clothes made from their fabrics, offering key information to the final customer about the traceability of the garment. Clients can trace seeds from their 100% organic cotton crop in Brazil with an OCCGuarantee for fabric. Or, they can trace yarns in products made with products made with 100% organic Turkish yarn, featuring an OCCGuarantee Essential for fabric.

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