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BSamply platform gives its warmest welcome to BELLIENI, a silk Como-based company now available on our B2B marketplace, 365 days a year, worldwide.


The history of BELLIENI began back in 1954 when its founder, Mr. Arnaldo Bellieni established the company. He mainly dedicated himself to the sale of rigid fabrics (nylon satin) to produce the first swimwear and from here he soon became a sure creative and technical reference with his company. Following the evolution of this sector, Bellieni also began to treat other types of items, suitable for the packaging of clothes out of water. From here BELLIENI inserted a new collection dedicated to women’s clothing and the step was really short. In 1981 Bellieni, started a new collection of fabrics for furnishings.

In the meantime, the market collections that made it increasingly difficult to find on the square the ability to print fabrics at reasonable times and costs convinced the property to buy even a small print shop to be so ready to respond to the market needs.


For over 60 years Bellieni has been synonymous with the quality and exclusivity of its products.

A vast archive is the result of years of experience in the printing field, enriches our collections. Manual and inkjet drawings, originals in paper and fabric, test papers of paintings, and cylinders made in over 60 years of activity.

All of the production takes place in Italy and mainly in the Como district. They use jacquard frames, traditional printing systems (frames and cylinders), inkjet printing machines, systems for various finishes, and harnesses. BELLIENI

It produces and ennobles united, printed, yarn-dyed, and jacquard fabrics for women’s clothing. In the two collections spring/summer and autumn/winter we find a range of articles in natural fibers, silks, cotton, viscose linens, and blended and polyester articles of the latest generation. Yarn and jacquard dyed, jersey in various compositions, crepe, and satin, voile and armored, use of lycra for a comforting look, satisfy the most varied wearability needs: shirt weight, jacket suit, suit, coat. Ennobling fabrics through innovative hands and exclusive prints makes the product refined and elegant but also young and sporty. Constant research in the printing sector, attention to variations, and the possibility of always developing new designs offer customers a complete service.


BELLIENI, which has always been a leader in the beachwear sector, is one of the founding companies of Maredimoda, a consortium aimed at protecting European production.

The swimwear collections are characterized by a wide range of coordinated out-of-water prints in silk, viscose, polyester, and cotton as well as a wide range of innovative jacquard complete the collection.


Dedicated to packaging, the SETAVIVA line is a must of the Bellieni company. Their packages are the natural evolution of the Como silk scarves. With the same criterion of detail, of prints related to the collections, of particularities, BELLIENI create Kaftani, Kimoni, dresses, scarves, and sarongs.


With an increasingly growing view of an eco-sustainable demand from numerous responsible consumers, BELLIENI has decided to invest in a part of the collection, in ecological and recycled materials.

The Green By Bellieni collection presents both beach items and clothing items with fibers and production cycles aimed at the respect of the environment.

These include Q NOVA, a highly eco-friendly material that aims to obtain an induction of C02 emissions, reduced consumption of water resources, and the use of energy from renewable sources.

Another fiber used for its fabrics is ECONYL, also characterized by a low environmental impact. This is a highly innovative system that allows you to replace the raw material of non-renewable origin, with secondary raw material deriving from the recycling of various waste.

Soon, the company intends to pay particular attention to the environment and recycling for a green lifestyle that takes into account climate change and responsible consumption.


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