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BSamply welcomes on its platform an Italian textile excellence, Delago. Now its fabrics and accessories are available online, worldwide, and every day.

Sergio Sala announces: “We have decided to expand our sales channels through the use of new digital platforms that could help us reach new customers. The company’s goal remains to be present both on the digital and real front to create new market opportunities”. Giorgio Ferrari adds: “After this period of crisis we think that communication has become a fundamental part of our sector. We will use all the means available to show our brand identity made of excellence and quality”.

The approach to this new reality is an opportunity to aim for constant innovation not only in the proposal of new products but also in the communication of the company know-how, a point of extreme strength of Delago. Taking on new business strategies is the answer to a constantly growing market that aims to respond to all customer needs.


Delago is a company that has a long experience in the Textile Industry that produces printed and dyed fabrics for womenswear, menswear, and accessories. It is situated near Como Lake. Delago is specialized in trends, fashions, and designs.

Its philosophy is defined in a sought-after style, finding harmony within moral principles and distinctive creativity. An ecological and sustainable development that aims to create a unique offer with a quality that stands out and an efficient service at the highest level.

A balance between ethics, technology, and cooperation.

Delago collaborates with the most important fashion brands, through a close and an on-going relationship it makes bespoken and innovative solutions to meet their needs.

Its know-how mainly encloses the world of traditional print, through sophisticated results, that emphasizes a corporate knowledge.



Delago provides various printing techniques such as digital print, rotary and screenprint, double prints, corrosion print, and devorè print on different fabrics like cotton, viscose, polyester, silk, and linen.

With constant development in the printing and finishing processes, Delago is always ready to help costumers, choosing the right solution according to your needs.



Their collection is the result of a vast research and study in the world of printed fabrics. A contemporary and modern collection that aims people who are looking for newness and innovation. Now all of their rich collections will be online with BSAMPLY.


Their company is committed to sustaining low environmental impact materials and production processes with great responsibility.

Eco compatible solutions that guarantee the transparency within an internal chain of production. A mix of styles, functions and competence in terms of Eco Green.

We are Oeko-Tex certified – a worldwide association of independent institutes for product safety and sustainable production in the textile industry.

  • GRS – Global Recycle Standard

Polyester and Nylon fabrics obtained from recycled plastic to minimize pollution and waste.

  • BCI – Better Cotton Initiative

Cotton 100% biodegradable and ecological cultivated without the use of pesticides.

  • GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard

Organic eco-sustainable cotton cultivated without pesticide and chemical substances.


Viscose fibers come from the cellulose of sustainable wood. Emission and hydro impact inferior to 50%.


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