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We are pleased to offer Eurostick on our online platform, Bsamply. Eurostick is a well-known company in the production of stretch, warp knitted fabrics for swimwear, underwear, sportswear, and outerwear. Eurostick uses technology and innovative techniques in its fabric production. Their high-quality products make us confidently recommend them to any brand that is seeking high-quality fabrics.

In our platform and/or by contacting the supplier through bsamply you can find an infinite range of fabrics for all types of swimwear, underwear, sportswear and outerwear with variant color charts always available! And not only! Eurostick gives you the possibility to extreme customizations of the products in a combination of fabrics coupling with a hot-melt technology.

Eurostick is a responsible company, very careful with the environmental issues and this is why you can find in their collection a lot of recycled items as long as some sustainable ones.

In Bsamply we care about the future of the world and sustainability. Our mission is to connect responsible suppliers to brands with the hope of making a better and greener future. Eurostick cares about the same values as us. Eurostick’s fabrics are not only good for the earth but are good for consumers’ health. By having UV protection, Anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal features in their fabrics they make sure to satisfy customer’s needs and elevate fashion manufacturing.

Who is Eurostick?

Eurostick was established in 1971 as a family-run business specialized in the lamination of fabrics and foams for underwear use in Italy. Back in those years, there were many large multinational companies working in this sector that needed external knowledgeable partners to collaborate with.

For 50 years Eurostick has maintained a reputation of excellence in the production of fabrics and providing quality service to its customers.

Eurostick’s growth was initiated because there was a need to plan and to better control the quality of fabrics used for garments. With many investments over the years, Eurostick has equipped its plant with a state of the art knitting mill that includes circular looms of different gauges and diameters. It also has a weaving warp department that is exclusively produces knitted fabrics for lamination and underwear.

In 1994 Eurostick faced another ambitious investment as the company took over Goal SPA, a dyeing & finishing house. This made the company vertically integrated and independent.

Eurostick has always been able to innovate and change, maintaining the size, strength, and flexibility that has always characterized it as an Italian, family-run company, mainly focused on the European market.

Eurostick industry


Eurostick produces knitted fabrics in cotton, polyamide, polyester, and artificial fibers, with and without elasticity.

In addition to the traditional knitted and laminated fabrics, Eurostick offers printed fabrics, pleated, and a range of complementary fashion items.

Eurostick uses Sanitized treatment for different kinds of textures such as Jersey/Cotton/Elastam to Jersey in Polyester/Elastam that can be used for underwear but also for beachwear.

Sanitized® is a special treatment used for making texture hypoallergenic and hygienic. Thanks to its special characteristics, this treatment guarantees an effective action against mites and bacteria. The treatment has an anti-odor effect by actively preventing body odor and maintaining the textures fresher and for a longer time. Sanitized is safe for your skin, as the active ingredient is dermatologically approved in compliance with acc OECD 4069, as it does not contain any Triclosan, CFCs, Freon, heavy metals, and azo dyes.


  • INKJET PRINTING: In Eurostick Prints can be made with various designs in any dimension, and there are no limits on the number of colors brands can request.
  • ROLLER PRINTING: This is a traditional printing process. This printing technique allows the company to get unusual colors and printing solutions such as burn-out printed designs, Glittered designs, Flock prints, Embossed prints
  • LAMINATIONS: The Lamination technique allows Eurostick to transform the fabric into an opaque or shiny finish. This can be all over the entire fabric or on a specific area based on design needs.
  • SUBLIMATION PRINTING: This is a specific process for printing polyester fabrics.
  • LASER: Lasering technique helps companies to inlay and cut the designs with excellent precision. There are no limitations in the sizes of the design.
  • ULTRASOUND: The ultra-sound technique gives the company the possibility to produce stripes in many designs. Brands can use them to produce inserts and fashion complements.



Eurostick strongly believes in the importance of enforcing a sustainable development model.  Therefore, they have obtained the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) that provides verification of recycled materials, and tracks the material through to the final product.

Textile Exchange developed the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). The GRS is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.

Furthermore, the Eurostick offers functional chemical finishing (hydrophilic, hydrophobic, bacteriostatic, etc.) and mechanical finishing (gauze, emery, shearing, sanforization, etc.).


  • Natural fiber fabrics: cotton
  • Artificial fiber fabrics: modal and viscose
  • Synthetic fiber fabrics: polyamide or polyester
  • Printed fabrics and fabrics with different finishing (shiny, peach touch, etc.)
  • Warp-knitted fabrics as marquisette and charmeuse with different finishing
  • Lamination of fabrics and foam.

Different Types of Fabrics

  • Fodera Ariete is a kind of fabric that Eurostick makes from lightweight, polyester that is breathable and extremely comfortable. Its fast-drying properties make it a perfect fabric for the beachwear sector which is easy to customize since it is suitable for transfer printing.
  • AMALFI is a compact, comfortable, and smooth type of fabric. It has a soft hand-feel and above all, it is covering. These two features make it suitable for prints with a wide-span base and light colors. Being very thin, it dries quickly and it is certified UPF 50+ (UV protection factor). Thanks to these characteristics, AMALFI is truly appropriate for swimwear and beachwear.
  • Warp-knitted Fabric: Our warp knittings produce knitted fabrics in polyamide and polyester without elastomer in different weaves and weights.  Stock service in basic colors: white, black, and écru (ready to dye).
  • Ek Bonded Fabric: Bonded fabrics are the pride of Eurostick and for more than 40 years Eurostcik has been producing high-quality technical bonded fabrics.
  • Sport Fabric: Eurostick produces sportswear fabrics (polyurethane membranes, polyester, and various PTFE) for the sportswear industry.

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