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Industria Ambrosiana Filati, Iafil, is a Milanese company founded in 1890.

The company has a long history in the production and commercialization of yarns of superior quality, using the world’s finest cottons along with the most precious fibers.

Iafil takes care of every detail and process, from the selection of raw materials to marketing and sales. All materials are indeed carefully selected and supervised through the whole processing cycle, that includes spinning, twisting, mercerising and dyeing.

Quality and excellence are also guaranteed through the quality control processes aimed at ensuring the compliance with customers’ requirements. Iafil also adheres to various products and process certifications, such as the ISO 14001, the Masters of Linen, the GOTS, the BCI and the OEKOTEX.


Through a careful selection of superior raw materials, technologically advanced spinning techniques and the use of respectful dyes, Iafil produces ELS (Extra Long Staple) cotton in a wide selection of colors, from count Ne 3 to Ne 180.

Cottons are also combined with other fibers such as linen, silk, cashmere and wool, obtaining precious blends that create exclusive and unique articles.

Here’s an example of the rich variety of our cottons:


The Peruvian Pima cotton is the legendary “cotton of the gods”, extremely valuable and supremely soft. It is still cultivated and handpicked in the rarefied air of the Peruvian highlands, using traditional methods to preserve its original qualities.


The sea island cotton has a very long fiber cultivated exclusively on the islands of the British West Indies, where the climatic conditions are ideal for growing this kind of cotton.


Supima is a long-fiber American cotton, cultivated in the western and southwestern of the United States. Its extraordinarily pure and uniform fiber is its most significant characteristic.


Giza 45 and giza 87 are the best of all Egyptian kinds of cotton, cultivated only in a small area east of the Nile delta: they are strong, shiny cottons with extraordinarily long fibers, a high degree of uniformity and extreme beauty.


It is created from the harmonious combination of Sea island and Sujata cotton, Suvin is a very rare cotton type from India with a very long and extremely delicate fiber. Iafil uses its own registered trademark to brand the distinctive product of the company.


Iafil believes in excellence and superior quality of products and processes.

This know-how is reached through the respect and application of rigorous environmental and traceability standards.

The products and process certifications guarantee indeed attention and protection of workers, the environment and consumers.


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