Meet Our Suppliers: Industry by Clerici Tessuto

We are pleased to announce Clerici Tessuto’s collaboration with BSAMPLY. Shop their three brand divisions: Industry, Beach & Body, and LARUSMIANI Tessuti. Catering to a wide range of categories, Clerici Tessuto understands the importance of having a virtual presence to promote their high-end textiles through our exclusive business-to-business platform. BSAMPLY provides an intuitive and environmentally sustainable solution to supplier needs by offering a customizable, interactive virtual showroom, and the ability to manage all sales processes more seamlessly. Suppliers can even contact their clients directly via chat or video call, as well as send order proposals, all within the BSAMPLY platform. Minimize travel and advertising costs and maximize profits!

Who is Clerici Tessuto? 

Clerici Tessuto is an one of the most important Italian textile manufacturers in the world for the luxury sector. They cater to a wide range of market categories including men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, and home furnishings. The brand was founded in Grandate, Italy, in 1922, by Rachele Clerici and her husband Alessandro Tessuto as a silk fabric trading company. Generations later, they pride themselves in continuing the family-run tradition. 

This supplier specializes in silk textile production and finishing, and is known for its bold, brilliantly-colored printed fabrics. Their luxurious offerings include fabrics woven with silk, cashmere, and even gold lamé. Their textile specialties include silk organzas, satins, rare-cut voided velvets, and traditional crepe de chiné. Clerici Tessuto prides itself on its unparalleled production quality. Their eco-friendly production methods have also earned the ICEA-GOTS and OEKO-TEX certifications. Their textiles are 100% organic, and are free of harmful chemicals. 

Industry by Clerici Tessuto

The Clerici Tessuto Industry Collection for Spring/Summer 2022 expresses quality, variety and sustainability, confirmed by the reference values that guide the brand’s creativity and technical evolution. Their research is carried out by tapping into the historic company archive, which is full of books, fabric samples and vintage garments that serve as a goldmine for their creativity and supplies. The brand’s sustainable offerings range from cotton, GRS polyester and FSC viscose fibers.

The brand has developed a collection consisting of over 16 fabrics, enriched by 45 print and 30 jacquard pattern options. The solid color section is divided into different varieties: logoed bases, glazed fabrics, washed down textures with faded effects, and finally, a selection with glossy and metallic looks.

Five macro-themes differentiate this collection and enhance its variety: SEVENTIES NOSTALGIA with a feminine and bright vintage theme, rich in pastel colors. FRESH & FOLK with an ethnic spirit, revisited cashmere designs, and colorful ikats with a rustic look. GRAPHIC ZOOM with bicolor geometries taken from vintage samples, that are graphic and fun, rich in bright and neon colors. DÉLAVÉ EFFECTS with a summery and super colorful theme, with faded, discolored, and tie-dye effects. NAIVE BRUSHED features drawings with a “brushstroke” hand, naïve spirit, and primary colors.


Industry by Clerici Tessuto Collections Preview

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