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Who is Leath3r?

To Leath3r, sustainability in fashion is not philanthropy, it is a business imperative. Leath3r’s objective is to change the status quo of the leather sector for footwear and leather goods by providing a ready product and service with a high technological and innovative value which, through sustainable production, offers a level of transparency and end-to-end traceability of the entire supply chain. Founded in 2019, they meet the fashion industry’s continuous requests for sustainable materials’ and complete solutions that can assist the industry in reducing its impact on the environment.

They achieved this by identifying what constitutes “sustainable materials” and “complete solutions” by collaborating with a large panel of multidisciplinary sector experts. Leath3r understands the need for a paradigm change in supplier and customer relations, and has undertaken a project of co-evolution within the supply chain to generate real value. In doing so, they have developed a sustainability protocol.


The fundamental pillars on which the Leath3r sustainability protocol is based are:

  • maximum transparency of information
  • a continuous improvement program based on ESG (Environment-Social-Governance) principles
  • the development and dissemination in its network of best practices for the purpose of safeguarding biodiversity
  • programs with direct impact on GHG (Greenhouse Gas) reduction

These processes are then transformed into communication material that follows the finished product in a report that is sent at the end of the season to the customer for reference. This gives visibility to the improvement actions their initiatives have helped generate and the positive impact that Leath3r has on the environment. With this they have developed materials which help brands clearly communicate their sustainability programs they undertake to the final consumer. Leath3r knows that only what is measured can be improved, hence why they are measuring the impact of leather production using Life Cycle Assessment methodology. From there, they take action to minimize impact wherever possible.

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