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We are pleased to welcome on our B2B platform LINIFICIO E CANAPIFICIO NAZIONALE, Italian excellence of spinners. Thanks to Bsamply platform, the company can now share and sell its products online, 365 days a year.


In 1873, in the wake of the industrial revolution, LINIFICIO E CANAPIFICIO NAZIONALE has been founded by Andrea Ponti. Since then, it’s considered one of the oldest companies in Europe and a symbol of Italian excellence in the production of hemp and the thinnest linen.

LINIFICIO E CANAPIFICIO NAZIONALE is synonymous with highly-specialized production and top-quality finished products. With a love and passion for linen and the art of weaving, all of our facilities boast centuries-old experience in production within an exclusive context. The result? An unmistakable and one-of-a-kind product. The mission of LINIFICIO E CANAPIFICIO NAZIONALE and its brands is to become worldwide master spinners. In clothing as in furniture, its linen production process has always been based on an integrated and European supply chain. The company combines technological innovation and a strong passion for the art of textiles and can guarantee a unique product. A proof of this is the number of yarns produced annually: 5 million kg.

LINIFICIO E CANAPIFICIO NAZIONALE guarantees quality and constant service to weavers, knitwear manufacturers, clothes, and manufacturers. Today, the company is 100% held by Marzotto Group, which expands its range of offerings with linen items for the clothing sector and the home décor and furniture sector.


A leader in the production of linen and hemp yarns, LINIFICIO E CANAPIFICIO NAZIONALE satisfies any need within the sector thanks to its vast and wide-ranging production capabilities. From exquisite traditional raw yarns to fashion-forward yarns. A lightweight, natural and high-performance fiber, linen sets itself apart for its quality and excellence.

A refined and elegant product that adds a touch of sophistication in all of its uses, from clothing to furnishings.


Natural, comfortable, and versatile: linen is featured prominently in today’s latest fashions and perfectly encapsulates tradition and innovation. The new industrial organization of LINIFICIO group relies on human, technological, and financial resources to adequately respond to the textile-clothing sector and to capture every opportunity for innovation and development. Linen has always been a staple in fashion. In today’s panorama of textile fibers, linen leads the way as an elitist, refined and elegant material. Its properties are highly sought after by fashion designers around the world who are eager to interpret the textile’s many possible expressions. LINIFICIO arises from the need for across-the-board lifestyle collections, even in combination with other fibers.

This collection showcases the most innovative content and a complete offering able to satisfy sector needs.


To provide excellent customer service, LINIFICIO E CANAPIFICIO NAZIONALE offers a wide array of orthogonal, raw and finished textiles developed with its yarns. Linen has played a leading role in the area of textiles. In recent years, LINIFICIO E CANAPIFICIO NAZIONALE has witnessed a significant rise in products made with this fiber. Texture, fine quality, beauty, and innovative finishing are unmistakable elements that determine the quality of all products. For this reason, the company transfers its experience, even through collaborations with clients, and makes high-quality textiles that are of European preferential origin. Lightweight, supple and resistant textiles that soothe and regulate heat and cold.


LINIFICIO E CANAPIFICIO NAZIONALE is strongly committed to the environment, an added value guaranteed by a series of industrial certificates. LINIFICIO E CANAPIFICIO NAZIONALE sets out to enhance the value of sustainable and ethical content across its production chain. It adopts eco-compatible methods, reducing its environmental footprint, and proposing ecological and organic products. Linen and hemp are natural fibers and have excellent properties not only in terms of eco-friendliness but also for human health. All of the yarns are highly certified and carefully controlled across its European supply chain.


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