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Pizval is now online on the BSamply platform, to share and sell worldwide its beautiful collection of embroideries and many more. Our B2B fashion platform is available 365 days a year and you can visit their showroom anytime.


Born in 1965, thanks to the founder Luciano Pedroni, it is a factory specialized in the production of leavers lacerascheltulle, bobbinet, and embroideries of the finest quality in the spirit of originality and tradition.

Constantly growing, it has been able to choose a path of innovation and research, never forgetting quality and tradition. It is a versatile and flexible company in both aesthetics as well as price with diversified categories depending on the business sector.

Pizval has antique and precious leavers looms that produce Valenciennes lace and chantilly, which are quite rare in Italy. These qualities are Ideal for high fashion and luxury Pret a Porter business, which includes some of the most important names of “Made in Italy” as well as worldwide.

The creative endeavors do not just focus on the brands with whom the company collaborates to create the newest designs and patents. Pizval also works on cultivating a strong “every-day” lace business that has expanded the use of lace in younger, fresher markets, with new interpretations that are more successful every year.

Without forgetting tradition and craftsmanship, consistent investments in the latest types of machinery enable Pizval to produce more and more innovative and competitive items, that meet the most demanding market needs.

Pizval’s verticalization has always been one of its strengths. Starting from the yarn warping department, passing through a 75-looms internal production plant, and ending with dyeing and finishing all within their facility.


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A huge cast iron looms dominated the world of lace until the beginning of World War II. Even today the most beautiful, and intricate lace is produced on these machines. Although they stopped building them in the 1960s, modern adaptations of these looms continue to produce extraordinary, sophisticated laces that take their name from handmade arabesques: Valenciennes, Alencon, Chantilly, and Cluny.

In 2000 Pizval began to produce lace on the latest generation of leavers looms by Karl Mayer, which offer a very beautiful, and modern interpretation of the “old flavor” of leavers lace.

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Just a few hundred meters from the first Italian embroidery company, Pizval decided to create its embroidery department by installing the most technologically advanced embroidery looms from Switzerland.

The growth, facilitated by the synergy with our lace and tulle bobbinet, was very fast. Fashion brands quickly embraced the concept of using the latest generation of embroidery techniques on classic and antique bases.

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