Meet Our Suppliers: PYRATEX®

We are pleased to announce PYRATEX® as the newest addition to Bsamply’s convenient marketplace. It has a great online presence as an eco-friendly textile supplier in a constantly-changing industry. Our exclusive B2B platform allows brands and manufacturers to meet and connect from anywhere in the world, 365 days a year. No travel is necessary when you source on Bsamply!


Who is PYRATEX®?

Based in Spain, PYRATEX® is an award-winning sustainable knitted fabric supplier. They have a mission to replace synthetic textile materials with natural ones better suited for everyone’s bodies, and for the planet. This R&D company and textile manufacturer innovates on the aesthetic properties, functionality, and responsibility of knit textiles using the resources our planet has to offer. Their revolutionary fiber solutions include organic cotton, recycled polyamidekapok, wood-based fibers, banana agri-waste, and nettle. They use only vegetal, upcycled or biodegradable fibers in their production. The unique properties of their fabrics make them suitable for use in Prêt-à-Porter, Athleisure, Homeware, Sportswear and Underwear. These fabrics keep the wearer’s body refreshed and comfortable, while adapting to the contours of the body.

Additionally, they produce their knit fabrics in Europe. This ensures full control, traceability, and low CO2 emissions within their processes. PYRATEX®’s factories have certifications such as OEKOTEX or BlueSign, amongst others, ensuring they recycle the water used during their dying process, and minimise their environmental impact throughout the production of their fabrics. This ensures minimal ecotoxicology by monitoring and evaluating the various phases of their production chain. The brand also prides itself in using responsible fibers that use less water and energy, and produce less CO2. They also avoid chemical treatments for their fabrics, finishing them with steam in order to protect the fibers and maintain their properties. PYRATEX® seeks to make an environmentally sustainable impact on the fashion industry by using what nature has to offer.


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