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BSamply is glad to bring SODA’ srl on its platform, making this interior design company available online for brands, 365 a year, worldwide.


SODA’ is an artisanal textile mill based in Meda, a small town located between Como and Milan, in an area of Italy renowned for its design industries. SODA’ is part of the interior design community, engaged in the production of high-end sheers, drapery, and upholstery fabrics. Starting from the research of the best Italian yarns to the special weaving techniques and unusual finishing processes, SODA’ collections are appropriate for all kinds of interiors, from traditional to transitional to the most contemporary.


Linen, the finest natural fiber, is the main fiber of choice and highlighted in its most beautiful natural tones, it is flanked by wools and silks as well as novelty poly fibers and polymers used for more experimental constructions. The leitmotif of each line is the special attention to the quality of the materials and the accuracy of the working process: from the yarn to the color scheme, the texture, and weaving, and the continuous research for new finishing methods that determine the character of each fabric.

The artisanal dimension of the mill allows it to take on custom-made projects and to follow all client needs with special attention to every stage of the creative and technical aspects involved in creating beautiful and long-lasting fabrics with a unique Italian sensibility.



The yarn comes: the new weft is weaved trying always different drawings and texture until finding the right one in which seeing a new possible article.

The technical features are determined: the number of yarns, the composition, the weight, and the width. It is the first creation phase.

It is a structural phase: the textile skeleton.

The raw fabric comes: it is washed into special machines, each with different features able to make the item more or less soft.

Always trying to change the finishing and finding new ones because this is the element that gives the final identity to the tissue.

The finished piece comes: it is mounted on a big machine for detailed control, centimeter by centimeter. Any fault is found, shown, and if possible, removed. Then the final packaging is made: on the roll or folded according to the technical features of the fabric. It is a care phase: the pursuit of excellence and a new beginning phase: from Italy to the world.


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