Meet Our Suppliers: Tessitura Attilio Bottinelli

Tessitura Attilio Bottinelli joins BSAMPLY offering their Made in Italy textiles online.

We are pleased to announce that Tessitura Attilio Bottinelli is now a part of Bsamply’s convenient marketplace.  This textile supplier’s main purpose is to maintain their 100% made in Italy policy to enhance their clients’ experiences and their products.  Our exclusive B2B platform allows brands and manufacturers to meet and connect from anywhere in the world, 365 days a year. No travel is necessary when you source on Bsamply!

Who is Tessitura Attilio Bottinelli?

Tessitura Attilio Bottinelli is a weaving and printing company founded in 1931 in the historical textile district of Como, by Attilio Bottinelli and his four sons Pierino, Daniele, Paolo, and Domenico. At the forefront of their company is their customers’ satisfaction. With the finest fabrics, advanced technology, and Tessitura Attilio Bottinelli’s creativity and expertise, they are confident to help clients create their most desired collections. This supplier holds itself to the highest standards when specializing in the production of scarves, ties, women’s accessories, printed textiles, fabrics for garments and shirts, and much more!

Their Mission and Vision

Their mission is to continue living up to their 100% Made in Italy policy when it comes to their products and standards. With uniting the textile tradition of Como and new technology, Tessitura Attilio Bottinelli is sure to provide top-of-the-line products.

Their vision is to keep their roots of a traditional family business, while also evolving with the changing times. They put people and the environment in the center of their work guaranteeing basic sustainability to each customer and providing customizable, high-quality fabrics. With the mindset of creativity, quality, innovation, and respect, this supplier is always striving to meet even the most demanding requirements and turn those designs into reality.

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