Meet Our Suppliers: Tessitura Marco Pastorelli S.P.A.

Tessitura Marco Pastorelli joins BSAMPLY offering their Made in Italy textiles online.

 We are pleased to announce that Tessitura Marco Pastorelli S.P.A. is now a part of Bsamply’s convenient marketplace.  Their 4th-generation, family-run company is constantly keeping up to date with the stylish trends of today through their innovation and improving technology. Our exclusive B2B platform allows brands and manufacturers to meet and connect from anywhere in the world, 365 days a year. No travel is necessary when you source on Bsamply!

Who is Tessitura Marco Pastorelli?

Tessitura Marco Pastorelli S.P.A. is a family-owned company founded in the late 1940s and officially registered as a brand in 1961. Through their years of expertise, they are committed to constantly staying up to date with the latest fashion trends of their customers while maintaining unique, high-quality fabrics. From the beginning of the thread to the finished fabric, production is being constantly monitored to ensure customers are receiving the finest textiles.

Tessitura Marco Pastorelli’s blend of natural, artificial, and synthetic fibers allows them to offer all different types of lining and technical fabrics. They specialize in the production of linings for men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. This full lining increases the fit and wearability of all garments. Their latest generation of looms allow them to produce dyed fabrics in both pieces and yarn, and by their constant monitoring of the dye house process, it enables customers to have a personalized experience.

Quality and Sustainability

Tessitura Marco Pastorelli S.P.A. fulfills the Made in Italy standards by not only ensuring high-quality but also sustainable fabrics. Sustainability is one of the main objectives that is part of their internal weaving department from their start. Throughout their whole supply chain, Tessitura Marco Pastorelli maintains high-quality fabrics while staying in compliance with the international social, environmental, and energy regulations. Not only do their LED lighting systems and weaving looms reduce electrical energy, they also are attentive to their waste management procedures by collaborating with specialized companies in recycling to guarantee economical waste disposal.

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