We are glad to welcome on our platform TESSITURA ORESTE MARIANI, which produces textiles for almost a century. On BSamply.com, they can now have the possibility to manage their entire sales process for a faster, easier and smarter business. That’s why MARIANI chose us to connect their sales process online and offline and to find new customers.


TESSITURA ORESTE MARIANI S.p.A. was founded in 1937 by the founder Oreste Mariani in Birone di Giussano, on the edge of the silk district of Como, which has a centuries-old textile tradition.

The initial activity developed mainly around the weaving phase, producing primarily silk fabrics. Later, with new discoveries in the chemical field, MARIANI has included synthetic and natural blends for mainly technical use: an important market was represented by the umbrella production.

The rising demands of the market have led MARIANI to develop vertically with huge investments aimed at expanding the dyeing and finishing departments. Today yarns arrive in the company and the finished fabrics come out ready for packaging.

Since the ’70s, the type of products offered has expanded to the markets for garden furniture, leather goods, footwear and ready to wear.


Today the TESSITURA ORESTE MARIANI S.p.A is always in constant evolution to implement the level of production quality and customer service. They can count on a very modern structure represented by:

  • The latest generation Jacquard weaving machines
  • A dyeing department, for the production of both industrial quantities and samples
  • A printing department, as well as a finishing department, for the development of fashion and technical coatings.
  • A department of R&D engaged with the environment, whose efforts are focused on recycle fibers and to use the best chemicals environment friendly


MARIANI’s success is based on simple goals, which are pursued with tenacity by everyone, every day: constant quality, fast services, customer assistance, continuous research to innovate. As well as a full commitment to sustainable production from both a process and product point of view.

The constant quality is due to very accurate and persistent attention since the production phase. The speed of the service comes from the vertical production structure that allows them to program the processes. Attention to customer satisfaction, obtainable by assisting him in the development phase of his own customized product. Finally, MARIANI’s mission is always being constantly oriented towards the search for product and process innovations and environment-friendly productions.

TESSITURA ORESETE MARIANI SPA is GRS certified, use BCI cotton in the production and has a sophisticated chemical management protocol for eliminating toxic and harmful substances in production through the ZDHC MRSL



Tessitura Oreste Mariani spa applica il Protocollo Chemical Management 4sustainability per l’eliminazione delle sostanze tossiche e nocive nei processi produttivi attraverso la MRSL ZDHC. Tessitura Oreste Mariani spa applies the 4sustainability Chemical Management Protocol for eliminating toxic and harmful substances in production through the ZDHC MRSL.


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