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THINDOWN is the world’s first real down fabric, globally patented and entirely produced in Italy. Intuition, disruptive thinking, research, innovation, technology and fearlessness are the key elements that define THINDOWN®.

The idea was born in 2000 from an intuition of the inventor, Canadian Ron Reuben. Since 2008 a team of engineers from 6 different countries has started to design the machinery, finally developed in 2015 and installed in Chieti (Italy). The proprietary technology is able to transform down into a fabric that can be worked like a normal fabric, a real revolution in the world of insulation. The single plant in Italy is able to produce up to 2.000.000 meters per year. A stock service warehouse has been implemented in Guangdong, China, to serve Asian markets.

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THINDOWN® is characterized by a uniform distribution of down that enables the absence of horizontal stitching sections and prevents the passage of cold and leakage of down. Thus, the world’s warmest fabric. All confirmed by leading independent laboratory testing. Soft, extremely warm, and perfectly homogeneous, THINDOWN® lends itself to multiple areas and sectors of use, personalization, style, and wearability.

Sterilized and entirely produced in Italy.  THINDOWN® can be applied to unlimited categories and areas of use, allowing unique customization, style and wearability. Fashion, Footwear, Accessories, Home, Military, Industrial, and Automotive are some of the applications for the exclusive fabric. Thanks to its versatility, THINDOWN®, like any other fabric, facilitates all variety of personalization, widening the use of down to 365 days a year, increasing trans-seasonal offerings, capsules and custom-built collections.

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