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We are pleased to welcome on our platform TMG Textiles, a Portugal-based textile company with a long story behind it. Now with BSAMPLY, its products are available online, at every moment.


TMG Textiles, is a division of Textil Manuel Gonçalves, SA, one of the oldest family owned companies in Portugal located in the small town of Sao Cosme do Vale in Northeast Portugal, where our founder Comendador Manuel Gonçalves established his weaving plant in 1937.

An important player in the European fashion arena although Workwear, Healthy and Automotive are also important Divisions at our Group.

Have an annual production of 4.5 million meters of woven fabric, 600 tons of knitted fabric and 600.000 pieces of garments, either knit and woven.

Offer a “Full Package Industrial platform” based on a vertical production integrated system. Their facilities complete the all textile process, that is Spinning, Dying, Weaving and Finishing.

Moreover, a garment laboratory and manufacturing plant (MGLAB) which has been integrated a few years ago.  That is a completely vertical platform concentrated in a sole manufacturing physical unit. Definitively a great value at actual circumstances when upgrading efficiency, logistics and shortening lead times becomes “a must”.


Cotton is the core business, although blends with Wool, Cashmere, Linen, Viscose and technical fibers are becoming more important.

The capability to produce “made to measure” exclusive colors, either Yarn dyed, Mélange and Grindles in own facilities are making their collections become exclusive and exciting.

The product is clearly focused on the “premium” fashion market, supplying to most prestigious worldwide retailers, brands and designers, who are used to visit our headquarters. They are considering the TMG showroom and archives a great inspiration for their creative process by visualizing our continuous fabric developments as well as garment trend proposals and concepts in a pro-active and dynamic way.

It is all about passion for exciting masterpieces.



TMG activities are rooted in the knowledge that businesses and products are made to have a positive impact on all living beings and on the planet. TMG promotes the rational use of natural resources, energy, and raw materials in line with ecological principles and the protection of the environment, by preventing pollution and reducing the environmental impact of CO2 emissions, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), industrial effluents and waste. They strive in minimizing their environmental footprint from their operations.


Video Preview https://www.tmg.pt/resources/video/WEB_TMG_1080.mp4


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