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We are glad to offer now TOLLEGNO 1900’s excellence on our platform Bsamply.com for fashion brands to sample and source online easily and fast, available worldwide.


Bsamply is an online marketplace that specializes in high-quality materials for fashion brands. This is why Tollegno 1900 decided to embrace technology by joining our exclusive network. Notably, Bsamply helps connecting and empowering the fashion industry in an innovative way. Tollegno 1990 believe in an efficiency-driven approach that will create seamless processes.


Who is Tollegno 1900?


Tollegno 1900 is an international player in the textile and clothing sector from the Biella region since April 8, 1900. Being one of the main protagonists of the Italian and international textile sector, they produce fine yarns and fabrics of high quality. Therefore, Tollegno 1990 produces worsted yarns for knitting, knitting yarns and precious fibers like merino wool. Likewise, their brand has been recognized nationally and internationally as a guarantee and synonymous of craftsmanship, quality, luxury and innovation.


Of course, with constant process of innovation, they have been able to search for new technological solutions, with a focus on sustainability. Tollegno 1900 has many strengths such as quality, tradition, transparency and sustainability. As well as following artisan’s values of quality and service, Tollegno 1900 produces luxury products.


Manufacturing Sites


Tollegno 1900 has two manufacturing sites that integrates all the steps of the supply chain. The first one is the headquarter located in Italy (Tollegno, Biella). Therefore, they are in charge of the operation plants for both the production of yarns and of fabrics. This facility counts about 1000 employees. The second manufacturing site is located in Poland (Lodz). In particular, this manufacturing site satisfies the need of an alternative production in Europe for the production of yarn. The workforce of Tollegno 1900 Poland is about 390 people. Identically, both of the facilities are nearly zero-net-energy sufficient and they are committed to innovative projects in water purification technology among other eco-friendly endeavours.

TOLLEGNO 1900 Yarns Collections Preview


Yarn Collections


Tollegno 1990 is a world leader in the production of worsted yarns for knitting. They work their yarns within their own production facilities in order to ensure accurate control throughout the supply chain, from the raw material till the yarn. Moreover, Lana Gatto is a historical brand division of the company for hand-knitting. This division provides a service fully made in Italy with an important range of colors. Above all, Tollegno 1990 has six different yarn collections; Explorer, Harmony 4.0, Classic yarn collection, Luxury yarn collection, Performance yarn collection, and Lana Gatto knitting collection.


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