We are expanding our offerings for brands in order for them to get a complete service from BSAMPLY while designing their collections. Introducing a new supplier TS Lambrugo that now offers their digital prints online through our platform.

Fashion and interior design brands will now be able to access a wide range of designs and prints for their collections and choose from a large merchandising sector: from technical textiles to sportswear, from clothing accessories to upholstery fabrics all the way even to interior decoration services.


History of Tintoria & Stamperia di Lambrugo spa

TS Lambrugo’s roots go back to 1945 when as a traditional weaving company, it worked in the textile district.

In 1956 it changed its industrial structure from silk throwing company to a dyeing and print-working company. In subsequent years, a finishing department was added to those of dyeing and printing.

To ensure a more comprehensive service to customers, the company has decided to implement a department of digital printing with transferring and inkjet printing technologies.

It is a company that mastered the digital printing that is done both on fabrics supplied by customers and fabrics provided by them at the costumer’s request. The design can be customized and provided by the brand which is what most clients prefer, although there is indeed an established department that allows not only technical assistance in changing the design but also the creation of a new design.

Wrap and Wall

The company also launched WRAP and Wall. A separate company dedicated entirely to provide decorations for interior brands with tailor-made projects realized by request with unique creativity and flexibility. These applications can be used from private houses and commercial spaces all the way to showroom showcases. They offer to customize your ideas and support you all the way doing so.


Explore a wide range of patterns and textile designs from our partner TS Lambrugo.


Why choose BSAMPLY

At the forefront of this ever-evolving industry, BSAMPLY is revolutionizing the way textiles, textile design and surface patterns are bought, sold and how customers can access them. Browse, buy and sell 24-hours a day, 365 days a year – wherever you are in the world.

At BSAMPLY we’ve combined years of experience with our extensive knowledge of the textile and technology industries to become the go-to virtual textile platform.


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