Meet Our Suppliers: We aRe SpinDye®

We are pleased to welcome We aRe SpinDye® as the newest supplier on BSAMPLY. We aRe SpinDye is an industry pioneer who deeply understands the importance of expanding their online presence to promote their products. Our exclusive and innovative platform connects thousands of brands to industry-leading, high-quality raw material suppliers.We aRe SpinDye®’s sustainable collection of yarns and fabrics combines technology, innovation, and expert workmanship, providing high quality, sustainable materials to the fashion and apparel industries. Source thousands of superior-quality materials or promote your own through BSAMPLY by joining today!


Who is We aRe SpinDye®?

We aRe SpinDye® offers the most sustainable polyester yarns and fabrics to the apparel industry. Their accessible coloring process is certified and fully transparent, allowing them to produce fabrics with excellent color performance. They collaborate with customers, partners, and likeminded organizations, to constantly improve and increase the sustainability of their products. Over the past year, they have played a leading role in bringing solution dyed garment to garment recycled materials to the fashion and apparel industries. Their mission is to be in the forefront of the transition to a circular economy.


We aRe SpinDye® use filament yarns made of 100% recycled polyester.

We aRe SpinDye® use production methods that allow them to turn waste materials into fibers for new use.  Their unique offerings include yarns made from post-consumer water bottles, or yarns made from used garments, so called closed loop.

Additionally, by melting color into the polyester mass before it is extruded to filaments and spun into yarn the end-products retain their brilliant colors over time. Their yarns are suitable for a wide range products, from blouses and dresses to coats and jackets to watch bands.


We aRe SpinDye® fabrics are best known for their functionality, colorfastness properties and exceptional hand feel. Their material range includes delicate fabrics for blouses and dresses, high-performance knitted materials for sports and athleisure, 2-3 layer wovens for outdoor wear, and fabrics with heavy duty qualities for luggage and accessories. The brand offers various finishing methods such as different membranes and coatings. This ensures that the end products using these materials look and feel beautiful while standing the test of time. Shop their versatile yarns and fabrics, created using the latest in environmentally friendly technology and designed with quality and sustainable aspects that are second to none.

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