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We are glad to offer  NASTRIFICIO DE BERNARDI’s products on our platform Fashion brands are now able to sample and source online worldwide easily and fast, matching their projects with Italian excellence ribbons, experienced since 1946.


Embracing Bsamply, for Nastrificio De Bernardi, means going forward with technology and customer care. Having their own company profile on a digital platform like Bsamply, they can connect directly with their customers worldwide, improving, once again, the quality service. They can now offer a B2B service to all their customers. It will grant the buyers the ease of purchase, ability to search through an online catalog, place an order by using the Bsamply App while attending a trade show and view their order history online. De Bernardi believes that constant innovation is always the best way of bringing themselves to the next level. That’s why they are partnering with our company, Bsamply.


Who is Nastrificio de Bernardi?


Nastrificio De Bernardi is an established manufacturer of velvet ribbons since 1946. Through the years, the company has developed new knowledge and added new departments in the company, and new types of tapes in the catalog. Nowadays, even if the velvet ribbon remains one of the leading items in their collection, their catalog boasts about half thousand of other items. They are now mainly present in the fashion industry, where they are working with the most important fashion brands all over the world, and in other sectors, especially in the packaging sector. De Bernardi has created a line marketed under the brand DBPACK, that allows their customers, step by step, to develop customized tapes, without neglecting quality and service. Nastrificio de Bernardi managed to maintain its high standards of creativity, quality, and development by investing in technologies and performing continuous employee training. Moreover, they have acquired many certificates and they guarantee the best quality products for their customers; Global Recycle Standard (GRS), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, Cribis Prime Company and Rete Tex-Net.




Nastrificio de Bernardi comprises three different production departments. The first is the weaving department, which makes use of over 100 looms employed for the production of selvedge, rigid and elastic ribbons. With the help of their expert weavers and specialized technicians, the company is able to meet the most complex needs of each customer. Another department, one of the company’s main strengths, is the dyeing department; the tools used inside, allow you to dye the colors offered in their catalog, but also specific colors requested by customers. The third department concerning the bias tapes. This expands the existing range for the production of pipings, ruffles, ruches, open and folded tapes. Nastrificio De Bernardi also pays great attention to the creation of prints, hot impressions, aesthetic and technical finishes, which are a further step to customer satisfaction.


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Nastrificio de Bernardi is widely appreciated in the most important trade fairs in Italy, Europe, and all over the world. Due to the continued research in the creation of the manufactured ribbons, De Bernardi presents at least two collections a year, following fashion’s seasons. The products they offer are in multiple fibers, and in multiple structures. They can produce either stretch or rigid ribbons, either in gròs grain, herringbone, or other styles, working on weft and warp, using also recycled fibers. It is understood that velvet tapes are their core business. Furthermore, they accommodate customers with the opportunity to develop exclusive products with customized prints and technics for any aesthetic solution.


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