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We are proud to start a new partnership with BeSight, a Milan-based company, founded in November 2019 to provide tech solutions in the Fashion & Luxury sector.

One of BeSight’s aims is to enable elements in an industrial context in transformation and constant evolution, characterized by an increasingly challenging time-to-market and specific business needs. It benefits from the experience of thirty years gained from a market solution that has allowed an important Italian and international player to achieve significant results in terms of growth, company performance, and expansion of its worldwide presence.

BeSight Now is the first version of the product, available since May 2020.

The deep knowledge of the sector’s logic and business processes is combined with the expertise of people with a technological DNA, to provide value in a complex market scenario. Thanks to the constant listening of the opportunities that the technology itself makes available, BeSight offers a unique innovative solution for SMEs’ platforms in the fashion sector.

A cloud, digital, and digitizing system, designed to provide agility and built in a modular, scalable, and completely open perspective. BeSight improves the native capabilities through the integration of the best-of-breed solutions of the Fashion & Luxury sector, through the use of REST API services:

  • Digital Experience With Artificial Intelligence
  • Open Enterprise Logic
  • Hyper convergent Databases


BeSight Ecosystem

Following an “open” approach, aimed at enhancing Fashion & Luxury companies business, BeSight proposes itself as an element within an ecosystem made up of different actors, each of whom contributes to the construction of value chain for companies in the sector. For this reason, BeSight provides a series of strategic partnerships, targeting a common positioning on the market through all possible synergies in a path of constant enhancement of the respective partner capabilities. The gold partnership between BeSight and BSAMPLY is driven by this kind of approach.

BeSight Roadmap

In a path of continuous evolution, based on constant listening users’ needs, technological trends, and on knowledge, BeSight Now has already tracked a road-map to the final version Besight YoDa, in continuous improvement to support client companies. That is the real success factor for all those who will marry the strategic approach, even before the technological solution. BeSight YoDa will be released in 2021.


Continuous Improvement

The evolution of BeSight is based on a user-centered approach, with continuous listening to users’ needs for the improvement of the solution and its capabilities, based on the real needs of its final users.

As for digital applications for final customers, data analysis and usage insights, based on the daily use of the application, allow a dynamic improvement of the experience (even real-time) and suggest the implementation of new features.

Visit BeSight and learn more about their DNA: https://www.besight.it/?lang=en

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