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Tessuti di Sondrio has decided to welcome technology by joining BSAMPLY.

By teaming up with BSAMPLY, they created their first digital and personalized showroom. Brands, buyers and designers are now able to connect with Tessuti di Sondrio. Customers can manage relationships and orders through their private showroom and discover their latest collections. Tools such as search engines, product pages, order chats and strategic data can be used by customers while using the BSAMPLY platform.

Tessuti di Sondrio, a division of the Marzotto Group, is a player of the Italian textile industry that has been operating for over 120 years. Each year, it produces about 6 million meters of fabric divided into yarn-dyed, piece-dyed and ready for garment dyeing. This Italian reality is famous for the proposal in the variety of structures, for the incomparable collections and the perfect interpretation of very different styles. The fabrics of this high-quality supplier are the first choice of men and women from all over the world. A strong company present at the most famous fairs such as Munich Fabric Start, Milano Unica and Première Vision Paris. Many prestigious names consider Tessuti di Sondrio a privileged partner for their ability to produce fine cotton fabrics, as well as niche wool and linen fabrics.








Tessuti di Sondrio offers two collections a year with modern and innovative cotton fabrics. For each season they offer both classic finishes and truly remarkable avant-garde treatments. Particularly, their collections include noble and rich fabrics which, thanks to sophisticated treatments, recall the touch of cashmere.

The archive of the historic Dalsasso brand of Tessuti di Sondrio collects wool weaves reinterpreted in a contemporary key. The characteristic of Dalsasso is the renewed, gritty and unusual combination of different materials. Above all, you will discover a sophisticated collection that combines avant-garde cotton with wool with its historical and vintage designs.






The research and development of Tessuti di Sondrio lead to the creation of new processes and finishes. The company is able to reach an extremely high level of quality in all processing phases. They are able to maintain these high standards due to their innovative processes. Furthermore, Tessuti di Sondrio gives extra value to cotton by always experimenting with new finishes, solutions, yarns, and combinations. With the evolution of their process, they have been able to create a completely natural product with a low environmental impact.




It is in Tessuti di Sondrio DNA to always have respect for the environment. Each of their textile districts are native from the natural majesty of the Italian Alps. Emerging from Sondrio means being born with respect for intrinsic nature. Given that, they understood from the outset the importance of improving processes and work cycles to make it sustainable.

To reduce CO2 emissions and increase eco-friendly products, they have chosen to use clean energy by investing in new technological projects. Tessuti di Sondrio commitment is guaranteed by Bureau Veritas ISO 14001 certifications for the environmental management system and SA8000 for social responsibility. For their surprising fabrics, the company has the GOTS, OCS and GRS certification from ICEA. In addition, they are also members of Supima (WORLD’S FINEST COTTON), Masters of Linen (100% EUROPEAN FLAX certified by CELC) and contribute to the ZDHC program, which corresponds to the conscious and voluntary use of chemicals with the lowest environmental impact. Tessuti di Sondrio believes in sustainable green energy and since January 2020 has been using 100% renewable energy (E-ON).


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