Textile Trends for Fall Winter 2020 2021


Textile trends for Fall-Winter 2020 2021 are on Bsamply.com ready to be sourced with themes like: naturals, nature, 3D and annual trade show news. This season was a piece offered for everyone. Easy cream colors, darker palettes or new technology influences.


Camel & Blue Mix-  Fall-Winter 2020 2021 Textile Trends

Fabrics were influenced by sportswear and outwear. The colors are divided into ivory and black, classical geometric patterns. Offered in viscose and scuba textiles. A combination to remember is the camel and blue mixture

Textile trends for Fall Winter 2020 2021

Natural’s chocolate and cream-  Fall-Winter  2020 2021 Textile Trends

Patterns made out of check from either jacquard fabrics or yarn made sweaters. Seasonless themes of naturals more specific cream and chocolate creates the perfect fall outfit for anyone. Wool as the most used fabric with simplified prints.


Nature moss green and mud grey –  Fall-Winter  2020 2021 Textile Trends

Another interesting theme for 2020/2021 winter collections are coming from the nature. Perfect match with the eco-friendly choices. Green moss, mud grey and classical black. Designed for trousers and jackets. Raw asphalt theme means wash out yarns, rough surface, and dark grey color palettes.

3D fibers – Fall-Winter  2020 2021 Textile Trends

More fabric influences come from 3D versions, spatial is the theme of textiles that are supposed to last longer. It is made out of silicone fillers. Sublime is a softer version, that is not made out of silicon but it is more about the surface. The looks of the fabrics are more important rather than the stronger and lasting fiber.

Altruistic is all about us as people. What makes us happy, most importantly good health. As the strong empowerment of the worlds eco issues. This is the contrast of spatial, because spatial is about technology versus altruistic. That is introduced to slow us down from the new constant improved technology.


Textile trends for Fall Winter 2020 2021

Fall-Winter 2020 2021 Textiles uploaded on Bsamply by our suppliers.

Shiny and shimmering details of embroidery were shown according to the annual trade shows. They offered something for everyone. Everything from textile to leather to light and heavy features, colors from dark to light. Macramé to jacquard as well as 3D versions. The trend is to have the ability to choose from what you want. The energy to be independent. Having the choices of being creative yourself. Taking the inspiration from designers but being able to combine it yourself. A new freedom of relaxation.


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