Thanks to the technological innovation of BSAMPLY the Textile fairs become digital

BSAMPLY makes a tool available to suppliers of raw materials and clothing brands to allow them to meet, sample, sell and buy online, recreating a trade fair event in version 4.0.  BSAMPLY is a platform that is simple to use and at the same time able to stem the losses due to the failure to carry out important events by supporting the sector.


When in trouble … go online: to paraphrase a famous American proverb, this is the solution that is proving to be the key to bridging the distances at a social level, but above all at an economic level in this period. There are several sectors that are in great difficulty and trade fairs and fashion, two leading sectors for the Italian economy, are no exception. Suffice it to say that the European Exhibition Industry Alliance has estimated that the missed sales due to the cancellation or postponement of trade fair events in Europe amounted, for the spring period only, to 39 billion euros.

In the world of fashion which, as highlighted by the Camera della Moda, represents the second industry in the country, the Milan fashion week was one of the first events to suffer the consequences of the pandemic, followed by other events in Italy and abroad. The failure to meet supply and demand in the fashion sector closely affects both large brands and small artisan workshops, severely testing Italian excellence.

To remedy this problem BSAMPLY, a startup founded in 2017, has created an innovative platform that allows you to participate in real online fairs, offering a 360 ° experience. BSAMPLY tradeshow project is much more than a market place or a simple viewing room, but a useful tool that allows suppliers with their sales network and buyers to exchange questions, answers and offers in real-time via chat, show the products of the own digital stand and their specifications (composition, color, etc), choose to show some products publicly to all users or privately to their customers, sample, start negotiations, conclude orders and even carry out transactions.

“The project represents an expansion of our platform that we have decided to make available to support industry fairs which are forced to postpone and cancel due to the emergency – explains Andrea Fiume, CEO and founder of BSAMPLY – The compass that guided us in its development it is usability: immediate and with a deliberately minimal design, it allows you to orient yourself easily from the first use and to quickly load your collections. Furthermore, it was designed to allow professionals to carry out the processes “in a traditional way”, imitating as much as possible an offline meeting.

Our aim is to create a bridge between SMEs and big brands and help to help a sector that is currently experiencing great difficulties. I hope that many fairs in the sector choose to rely on BSAMPLY tradeshow project because I am convinced that it can prove to be a useful tool for our economy. More generally, the project is aimed at all companies in the textile sector, who will thus be able to create a 4.0 trade show, a virtual space populated by suppliers and buyers who will thus be able to meet without any movement “.

Not only for those canceled but the platform can also prove fundamental for the fairs that will take place regularly once the emergency has ended, acting as a bridge between those who managed to participate with their own physical stand and those who were unable to move, integrating online and offline. There are several advantages that it guarantees, including a drastic reduction in costs for travel, freight transport and stand construction. BSAMPLY offers two packages to its customers: a basic one that allows you to upload 500 articles and access from a single account and a standard one that includes technical support, uploading 1000 products and access from multiple accounts.

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