Meet our suppliers: WEFT by Tessilriva Spa

WEFT joins BSAMPLY offering their Made in Italy textiles online


WEFT is a Como-based industrial highly verticalized company. With its very own complete industrial cycle, it internally manages and controls fabric production and processing phases. Its skilled and specialized staff professionally manage all customer requests makes WEFT a trusted partner. Its products are constantly evolving and are easily identifiable. Today WEFT is synonymous with innovation and excellence in the creation and production of fabrics.

We are glad to offer now WEFT’s excellence on our platform for fashion brands to sample and source online easily and fast, available worldwide.

The production center is composed of the warping, winding and weaving departments. Their weaving department is the heart of the business and has heddle and jacquard looms that can be used for different types of yarn. WEFT has also an CAD (computer-aided design) office where customers can easily intervene in the customization of collection drawings or in the creation of new designs. Customization can be easily requested through BSAMPLY by contacting WEFT on the B/ORDERCHAT section of the platform.

On BSAMPLY you can already find its 100% Made in Italy collection, that consist of both plain and jacquard fabrics, piece-dyed or yarn-dyed, stretch or still.



WEFT Spring Summer collections for women’s clothing collections include medium and light weight fabrics in silk, cotton, linen, polyester, polyamide and many other fibers, dyed in dedicated colors for each presentation in line with market trends.



Its Autumn Winter collections for women’s clothing include fabrics made of natural, artificial and synthetic yarns. Particular attention is given to different yarns for high-quality wool and finishing that most ennoble this fiber, such as for example wool brushing and fulling. For winter brands can also find fabrics both plain and with jacquard design, printed and with special processing such as trimmings, devorè, sheets, imprimè and laser processing.



Another collection of WEFT’s is the Ceremony collection. This collection includes both traditional ceremony fabrics for an elegant and classic look but also more innovative and contemporary fabrics which are suitable for dressing men throughout the day. It is a collection that includes mainly blends of wool, viscose, polyester and acetate.



The Bride collection of WEFT fabrics in classic bridal colors. You can find fabrics both yarn-dyed and piece-dyed. This collection mainly consists of silk and blended polyester fabrics.



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